Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gus Cooper: Chronicles of Gnarnia

So me and my homie Ryan King from Red Bull have been working together a bunch on an event that will be so rad that once it is finally announced, the whole of Jacksonville will crap a collective brick. Sounds painful, huh? So yeah, I don't know how you will prepare yourselves for that, but you've been warned. Well, to get to the point, today Ryan made sure to inform me about what Gus Cooper has been up to lately, and I have to say that I was impressed. If you don't know, Gus currently films a show that goes by the name 'The Chronicles of Gnarnia', which you can view on both 411.com and on skateboard.com.

It's definitely worth checking out, and just to prove it, I'm embedding two videos, right in this very post.

This first one features Paul Hart, whom you'd better recognize from the Kona contest I posted a few posts back. This kid is unbridled rippage.

This next guy, maybe you've heard of him too. He's won some contests, he's had a few beers, and he's owned a few mesh hats in his time. Mike Peterson.

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