Friday, September 5, 2008

Kleeman and Mike

Thanks to The Skateboard Mag blogs, I came across this tonight. Kleeman and Mike is a series of comics, animated clips, and artwork with a theme most of us can relate to, featured alongside other important things worth looking into at the Kleeman and Mike website here. There are more than a couple of clips to watch, and the art is great too. Check it out. This one specifically grabbed my attention. The art featured here can be seen in the much longer clip, Jaime's Taco Shop, which can be found here.
"Kleeman and Mike follows the adventures of two young roommates named Kleeman and Mike. They have a cat named October and a wise friend and mentor named Brick, who is a brick."

When looking at the site, be sure to check out the 'old site' link at the bottom, as you'll find lots more content worth looking at linked there.

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