Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Skate Parkin' - Cuba Hunter Skatepark, AKA "Emerson"

I stopped by Emerson on the way home from work today to take some photos of the park. It's a pretty ok standby for when you can't come up with anywhere else to skate, though you might want to go with a group for your own safety later in the day, as I've heard numerous accounts of sketchy activity going down at the park. Nobody there today but a guy on a bike.

Watch out for tetanus

Note the tag on the ramp that says 'whore'. Stay classy, Jacksonville.

If you've never been to Emerson before, it's pretty much a basic steel construction park. There is a spine ramp, and a large miniramp behind it, though the large miniramp has some pretty hefty kinks at the bottom. There are some BMX jumps in the middle of the park, and on the street side, there are some flat rails, a manual box, a hip, and a large bank with a hip and a quarterpipe embedded in the middle of it.


Directions to the park can be found here

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