Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Lower Session Rates @ Mesh

Mesh Skatepark sent out an email today making note of their new, lower session rates.
From the email:

Paying your bills might be getting tough but we're making it easier to get your shred on. Session rates have been reduced for everyone across the board. Some other huge news is that the driveway is finally getting fixed up. No more potholes!

That's right! The best deal on admissions ever is now in effect.

Weekdays - 1 session all day:
Members - $4
Non-Members - $6

Weekends / School Holidays - 2 sessions a day
Members - $5
Non-Members - $8

This Friday 10/24/08 School is Out! Park is open at 12 noon with 2 sessions for the day. New pricing is also in effect. Members $5 per session & Non-Members $8 per session.

Call 407.657.2002 for more info.

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