Friday, January 9, 2009

More Skate Coverage from Artwalk

Way down in the basement of the Hayden Burns Library Downtown, magical things happen. This past Wednesday, those magical things included a whole lotta skateboarding. In addition to a blank deck art show, a showing of the film 'Veer', and some breakdancing dudes, there was a Red Bull street course and a demo going on, on that smooth as silk basement floor. Notable heads seen skating include Mike Peterson, Chris Kendall, George Evans, Matt Fink, and a slew of others. The course was actually pretty interesting, consisting of various objects with faux-brick surfaces, including a quarter pipe/launch ramp to wall, a grind box, and this angled bar with banks on it. What the hell do you call those things? I saw Fink haul ass and ollie into the bank on that thing. Anyway, Thanks to everyone who came out to show support, the response was overwhelming-just as it should have been.
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Craig Lockwood on the miniramp at Club TSI - He smacks his trucks loud as shit when he does these things.

Arturo Clothing
Arturo Clothing - I need one of those shirts with a dog on it.

Board City - Serious Business

A showing of the film Veer in the basement of the library.

More sightings:




A better view of the ramp. Special Thanks to Kyle for all he did to make this happen, and to Ryan and the rest of the guys at TSI for the work.

Tomorrow: More Chill Photos and Art!

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