Sunday, February 8, 2009

Re: Rob Dyrdek, Skate Plazas, etc.

I've kind of been on the fence lately about my feelings on Rob Dyrdek. In my opinion, Rob & Big on MTV was great. The DC Skateplaza was great. I had a Pair of Rob Dyrdek DC shoes one time, and they were pretty decent too. But with this whole 'Fantasy Factory' TV show dealio, I'm not sure I'm quite so stoked. Lately, with skateboarding so prominent in the mainstream media, I'm starting to relate to the whole "I love skateboarding so much, I want it to die" idea. Thankfully, this blog post on 'You Will Soon' gave me another take. Check out the rest of the blog too. It's an entertaining read with lots of honest opinions. Aptly, the blog name will show up as 'Shit Talking 24/7' on your RSS reader, if you use one. Check out this clip from Fantasy Factory, thanks to the aforementioned blog post.

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  1. He's taking corporate dollars and converting them directly into skate spots. Hard to hate that.