Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bad News for Skatelab in Atlantic Beach? *Updated*

I just got news from a couple of people telling me about Skatelab out at Atlantic Beach closing, as reported by Fox 30 News. I can't find info on the web, and I've emailed about it. I'll have more news to post about it as soon as I get it. This is a sad post; Skatelab is a tight park, with some amazing tranny to skate, especially the wooden bowl. I really hope this isn't true, but I don't know why it would be on the news if it weren't. I don't know if there is any relevance to the news 2 posts back.

Update - I called Skatelab just a little while ago - The last day of business will be this Friday. No closing events, just business till closing time. Such a shame. I hope all that wood gets put to good use... I know I would buy some of it if it became available to me.


  1. I saw a blurb last night on FOX 30, but in searching their page today can't see anything posted. What are the facts regarding Skatelab closing?

  2. I know business was down after AB opened their free park and they were having some tough times. Wish all the people that really enjoy the park and take their kids there could rally an effort to raise money to help them stay open but in these times i don't know how much could be rasied.

  3. I've tried calling, but by the time I called last night the business was closed. I'm not sure if they read the emails sent to the address posted on the site, I've never gotten a response there. I'll call again today once they open (at 3) to see if I can find out more.

  4. Since the city of Jacksonville Beach seems to be dragging their feet on constructing a park, maybe they could buy the assets (including the half pipe and bowl) and put it in a pre-fab building on city property.

    That would be a great way to keep a proven skate set up alive and maybe save the taxpayers and the city some money.

  5. End of an Era.....

    To be honest with you, AB had nothing to do with SLAB closing. Basically, the economy sucks, KC got a new job, and BC was over it.