Monday, August 17, 2009

Video Game Update: What Happened to Stevie?

Let it be known that Stevie Williams is one of my faves of all time. Remember that Chocolate commercial where he grabbed his nuts in the camera right at the end after he landed a trick? Classic. So anyway, I have to say 'what the hell' every time I see what they've done to him in the latest video game that he's in. Ever since I started writing video game reviews for EU Jacksonville, I've gotten press info on new games regularly, but for some reason I didn't get a whole lot for this new Tony Hawk: Ride game that is coming out this fall. So I had to look for info. I found stuff like this:

Whoa dude! Look at the amplitude on that air! Now I'm not trying to hate, I think it would be cool as hell to be in a video game myself. (Well, I did until I did that 'add your face to the game' thing in Tony hawk's underground, when I realized I look like mutant) However, something is slightly off about that picture of Stevie there, and it's not just that he has skin lighter than Michael Jackson's. I didn't watch much of the X-Games, was I missing out on his megaramp run? Does he still skate pools? Yeah, of course he skates pools. According to this image from Activision promoting the last Tony Hawk game that came out:

I gotta ask Clyde if he can do that, cuz thanks to the Times Union, I know he's got those Backside smiths in a pool on lock. Hang-ten nose grinds are the next logical step, right?

Anyway, I guess the whole reason I'm posting this is in regards to the new Tony Hawk game coming out with the controller that looks like a small skate deck. You can check that out here in this video:

I know that is kind of painful to watch. I don't blame you for thinking of Sega's Air Trix. What do you mean, you've never heard of it?

And Stevie, I still love you dude.