Sunday, February 26, 2012

Red Bull King of Campus 2012 @ UNF Skatepark

   Red Bull's King of Campus went down once again at UNF Skatepark this year, and you can believe it was a rad time. What sets this contest apart from other local contests, is the fact that only UNF Students are invited to be part of the main contest. The main contest is in jam-format with multiple heats. I'm not jealous of the celebrity judges job to decide who ripped hardest, because there was a lot of sick skating going on. In the end, Brooks Jones came out on top, making him the UNF King of Campus 2 years in a row.

Pat Schaefer
(above - Nick Blanco)

 The second part of the contest was the best trick, which was judged on two separate obstacles. the first was the large quarter pipe with a hip, and the second on one of the grind benches along the outside of the park. I do believe Marshall LaFrance won the former with an alley-oop 270 disaster over the hip, although it was a little fast for me to see from behind my lens. The latter was won by OP BusStop homie Pat Schaefer with what I think was a hardflip backside tail. Again, behind the lens, but I did see pat do some sick shit, and not just one rad trick. Pat and Marshall are both rippers and I'm glad they won.

This dude also did a grind on the guard rail on the back of the banked hip.

Other standouts include Nick Blanco who did a sick nosegrind off the hip, Craig Clements who nearly ripped the whole place apart, Matt Fink and Ryan King on the mic, and a slew of other dudes who I didn't know but killed it. Sorry, you nameless rippers. Thanks for being rad anyway. You can check out my full gallery here.

Brooks Jones, Red Bull's 2012 King of Campus on the throne.

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