Thursday, April 5, 2012

Raw Hyde Zine and DVD Charity - Limited Run!

In addition to being a skateboarding superstar that wins contests such as Florida Bowlriders, Todd Johnson is also a great guy who is down to help his friends in a time of need. From Todd: 

The Rawhyde Book AVAILABLE NOW! This book is a collection of every issue of Rawhyde skate zine from 1985 to present (9 issues) plus two other equally obscure local zines. Rawhyde was originally created by Mic Walker in Jacksonville Beach, inspired by Kevin Thatcher telling GSD: “if you don’t like it, start your own.” This xeroxed book has hard to see photos, dated articles of forgotten contests/events, reflective essays from the people involved as well as a photo index for the entire volume. If you skate, like zines or care about things-satisfaction is guaranteed. Each copy is numbered in this limited run of 100, over 2oo pages of radicalia.
All proceeds from the sale of the book benefit two skaters who are fighting debilitating illnesses. 6 year old Evan Procko (son of Bill Procko, early Schmitt Stix team) and Bryan Farabagoli (first Florida Zorlac rider) are two beautiful people who are deserving of every cent this fundraising effort will generate.
Orders can be placed NOW by sending cashiers check or money order for $24 (s&h included) paid to Todd Johnson to the address below. For Paypal send payment to, thank you! 
Rawhyde Book
202 Walnut St.
Neptune Beach, FL
In addition to the book, there is a DVD with classic skate footage as well:

1982 Kona Summer Nationals and 1984 Kona Sundek Contest on DVD. Over 90 minutes of skating featuring Pro and Am skaters: Mike McGill, Tony Hawk, Billy Ruff, John Gibson, Kevin Staab, Buck Smith, Steve Caballero, Neil Blender and many more. This edition is what appeared on local cable access in Jacksonville. All money to charity, see for more info!

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