Thursday, March 21, 2013

10 Questions with Kyle Parisi

1 - What's the first skate trick you ever learned?
The first trick I ever learned was an Ollie. I did it off a curb at the baseball fields at monument long before there was a skatepark.

2 - What's the most recent trick you learned?
The most recent trick I've learned is alley-oop switch 50 50's on tranny.

3 - If you could skate anywhere you wanted to, and with whomever you wanted to, where would you skate and who with? 
I would want to skate the black pearl park in the Cayman Islands with all my friends, plus John Cardiel, and Ben Rayburn.

4 - Who's the most inspirational skateboarder you know?
There are too many to name! Anyone who gets knocked down hard but wont let it stop them. And the skateboarders who do it for the sake of having a good time. Some people take skateboarding too serious.

5 - What's the worst you've ever bailed on a trick?
I've had some pretty gnarly falls on my skateboard but The worst was last January, while I was warming up at monument i was doing a slash grind and I fell in an awkward way. I tore my ACL and meniscus in my right knee.

6 - What's the best/most fun skateboarding event you've attended so far?
The chili bowl in San fransico was the best event I've been to. I didn't compete but I managed to sneak in the practice session. It only cost like 15 dollars to enter, it's hectic, and they play good music.

7 - What people do you skate the most with these days? 
I pretty much always skate with the o.g monument crew.

8 - What's your favorite park here in town? 
I'd have to say monument, because My friends and I learned how to skate in that park at the 2 and 3 stair back in the day. We always would try an get them to build a skatepark there. So it's awesome that the city finally did it, and it turned out to be such a good skatepark.

9 - If you could steal a trick from anyone, and do it yourself, what would it be and who from? 
Kevin kowalski does crail slide Saran wraps. I'd like to steal that one.

10 - What's the last spot you skated, and what are you going to skate next?
UNF's park. And most likely The next spot will be monument.

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