Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busstop's Go Skate Day 2008, Part 2 - Huffman Park

After Jordon and I were done skating the parking blocks and getting the trunk of his car to finally open, we headed out to the new park near FCCJ, Huffman Park. For this event, it was Bangers For Bucks on the Manny Mania box provided by Red Bull. At this point, we were rushing to avoid the rain, and luckily only a few drops hit while we were there. (It should be noted that as of the 21st of June, the Red Bull Manny Mania obstacle was the only obstacle that the park has, but more is said to be coming.)

When we got there, there were already a couple of kids skating, notably an FBI agent. Not too long after we got there, the contest was under way.

K-Grind all the way across the box.

Luckily for everyone there, Red Bull came through once again with free smoothies, and Martin from Kona provided free Dominos pizza for everyone to enjoy. The crowd eventually got pretty thick, and once the contest got underway, the 20-dollar bills got handed out pretty quickly. I was pretty stoked to see Captain J do a fakie 50-50 to half cab manual on the box, myself.

Justin Lewis, Deliverer of Bangers

Not Sure Who This is, Someone Help Me Out

Martin Ramos on the Mic

I was glad to have the Red Bull crew on hand for the refreshment support. Here they are, in a %100 candid, not posed at all snapshot.

Ryan King hopped into the competition and got himself a 20. Pretty sure he did a tre flip to nose manual on the big box.

It was at this contest that Jayson Colon from the Board City team joined us. I'm just going to take a second to fan out here and say that this kid is a serious ripper, and he's got such a clean style it's unbelievable. Once things were wrapped up at Huffman park, we were off to Ed Austin Park in Arlington, just off Monument Road. Stay tuned for Part 3!

I have to admit, this 8103 gear coming out lately is looking pretty fresh. This is Jayson Colon.

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