Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 14, 2008 - Contest at RockBottom Skatepark in Brunswick, GA

If you love contests, it looks like 2008 is the year for you. With today's update, I bring news of a contest going on this weekend (June 14th) in Brunswick, GA, about an hour and ten minutes from J-ville (depending on how many pee stops you have to make). If you don't know about RockBottom Skatepark, a friend of mine described it to me as 'a bit bigger than the Skateboard House, it's pretty cool'. So there you go. If you have MySpace, you can find the park's MySpace profile online to find out more. If you don't have myspace, Just go ahead and check out the flyer, get directions to the park here, and plan your weekend accordingly. Feel free to click on the flyer to embiggen it.

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