Tuesday, June 3, 2008

OP Park Update, Go Skateboarding Day Happenings

Word from Ms Anjie at the Orange Park skatepark indicates that there will be some substantial shreddage going on at the park on June 21st. She tells me that the park will be having some contests going on throughout the day, and that they will be open from daylight to sundown. You have to give some respect to someone that would come out to a skatepark before daybreak (6 A.M.) just to ensure kids had lots of time to skate. I don't think my clock even has a six A.M., I have never seen it. Anyway, more news is coming on Go Skate Day events, so keep checking the Calendar at the bottom of the page for more info to be added.

(The image on the right is me and my kid at the OP Park)

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