Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kona Free Flow Tour Results.

By some miracle, it didn't rain at all on saturday, and the Mountain Dew Free Flow Tour contest went off without a hitch. You can check out my photos from the contest here, and Kona should be posting more about the contest on their website soon. There was a ton of awesome skateboarding going on, and standouts that I noticed include Timmy Knuth, who was generally pro as hell, doing stuff like noseblunts down the big rail and steezy 360 flips over the box, Paul Hart, who was also pretty damn pro, doing huge bigspins (I think?) over the box, and tons of tricks on the big rail and the bank to rail, and Dylan Durkin, who had some significant tricks on the big rail, and on the transition.

18 & Under:
1st Place - Timmy Knuth
2nd Place - Paul Hart
3rd Place - Evan Mirschel
4th Place - CJ Dixon
5th Place - Dylan Durkin

12 & Up::
1st Place: Blaine Partridge
2nd Place: Devin Bagnoli
3rd Place: Grady Smith
4th Place: Kai Gause
5th Place: Clint Beswick

Paul Hart, Feeble (click photo for gallery of images)

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