Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Contest in OP Park this Saturday

You know what sucks? When a group of skateboarders get together to do something positive, put a bunch of hard work in, only to get shut down and persecuted for it. Sound familiar? Well it should. It's happened more in the past few months than imaginable. On that note, word on the streets is that the Orange Park city council, or whomever, decided that the ramps that Tim Johnson put hours upon hours into building at the OP Park might just have to be replaced due to not 'meeting regulations'. But replaced by what? Prefab. I've already established MY opinions on prefab on more than one or two occasions, but I'll go ahead and reiterate. Prefab is CRAP. Taking safe, skateable structures that kids want to skate on away, and putting some plastic ramps by some cheap ass company like Skatewave that will likely lead to broken arms and an empty skatepark is NOT the answer. If you want to keep kids off the streets and in the park where it's safe to skate, why not make them feel welcome? Orange Park has plenty of good skatespots that aren't exactly legal, and it would be a shame to push the OP Park back to the state it was in before Ms Anjie took over.

What can you do? For one thing, you can head out to the Crown contest out at OP Park this Saturday. You can show up and show your support, and let everyone know that skateboarders should be in charge of deciding what goes into a skatepark, and not some old lady with a calculator and a grudge. All proceeds will go toward saving the park.

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