Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ante Up 3 - Skateboard Madness at the BBB in Springfield

So Ante Up 3 has come and gone. Although a game of s.k.a.t.e. is a pretty straightforward affair, Ante Up has always taken it a step above and beyond other traditional contests. This weekend's contest was no different, as you can see from the photos. Not only was there tons of loot given away to worthy competitors, including beverages from Berentzen, gear from East Center, Square One Skateshop, and more, but the first place prize was a car, donated to the cause by skate-friendly beaches car dealer Autoline.

Just as its predecessors, Ante Up 3 was a family friendly event that was free for anyone wanting to stop by, eat some free food, drink free beverages, and watch skateboarding. This Sunday, the parking lot at BBB was full of people from all corners of the Jacksonville skate community. Outdoors, the grill was going with free hamburgers and hotdogs, and inside the Zombie Bikes HQ was the free bar. The game was played on a painted strip of concrete in the parking lot. The ground was a little rough, but it's my opinion that you couldn't have picked a better place.

Ante Up 3 - 25
This is David Jordon, and he hails from Orange Park. He was gonna win the whole thing, dunno what happened. I do know that he played one of the best games of the day. These days, every 12 year old should have their own car.

Ante Up 3 - 51

Ante Up 3 - 21
I think when I leave my hat off it confuses people.

Ante Up 3 - 27

Ante Up 3 - 29
The Masterminds Behind East Center

Ante Up 3 - 22

Ante Up 3 - 11
These Dudes Make it Happen on a Regular Basis in Springfield.

Ante Up 3 - 1
Tom P and His daughter Rory. Tom is the best dude in Jacksonville, and his kid is awesome too.

Ante Up 3 - 57
Some sketchy dudes swarming on the free alcohol. The hot bartender didn't exactly scare people off, either.

Ante Up 3 - 93

Ante Up 3 - 68

Ante Up 3 - 40

A few notable things I personally witnessed - Ryan King took someone out using only shoves. If nose mannys were allowed, I'm sure one of those would have been there too. Macintosh humped the car. Nate Johnson's kid took down Clyde Singleton. A local yokel with white pants tucked into cowboy boots was crudely hitting on a couple of ladies, who then told him off. Captain J made a joke about my hat. Matt Fink won a car.

Ante Up 3 - 91

By the time the finals came around, the party was winding down and it was getting dark. In the end, Matt Fink emerged as the winner, which lead to an all out dance party on the roof of the prize car. I couldn't be happier for Fink, he's a great dude with an even better sense of humor. Ante Up was a great success, and I want to say thanks to Kevin Graver for running this thing, and also thanks to all of the sponsors for making this amazing grassroots event happen.

For the whole collection of photos in hi-res, check out the flickr gallery here, or click on one of the above photos.