Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ed Austin Park Requests!

We here at Crown Skateboards took some time to e-mail Cm. Bishop with the skateboard community's questions about the park, and we were successful. We had a meeting today with Cm. Bishop and the Deputy Director, Parks and Recreation Assistant to discuss these matters. Funding is not the only hurdle we are encountering right now, it is also the way the park is being treated and the activities (non skateboarding) that are occurring in the park, i.e. the selling of drugs, the graffiti, and fighting. It is up to us here in the skateboarding community to stop all these incidents from occurring, so we can move forward to all phases of the park and lights. I made it clear to Cm. Bishop that it is mainly not the skateboarders that are causing all these problems, but we (the skateboard community) will see stop to it. Cm. Bishop wants nothing more than to see this park complete, and as of now we will be working together to raise money in getting the lights and Phase Two, the advanced bowl. We need everyone in the local scene to make this happen. There will be a contest there at end of January or beginning of February to begin this fundraiser. Any shops that would like to go ahead and contact us here at Crown for sponsorship of the event please feel free to e-mail us through our site, www.crownsk8.com.

Its up to us skateboarders now!!! Lets do this!