Saturday, May 28, 2011

Snaps - Dorien & Ralph

Dorien and Ralph, OG J-Ville All-Stars.

Not exactly sure of the year on this one. Back in the early 2000s, there were a few contests held at what is now the night club called Plush. Primarily a miniramp jam which took place inside the club, in the later years a game of skate was added to the mix. What’s funny is that to the skaters, the game of skate was way more popular than what was going on inside the club – A mix of random rock-rap performers and skateboarding going down on a huge miniramp that filled the entire floor area of the club.

Another funny thing about this contest is that one of the bands was to play as the jam session on the ramp started. Good in theory, but for some reason the person running the lights thought that the only lighting in the place should be directed at the band. It happened so fast, so startlingly, that people skating at the time pretty much ate shit.
I’m not positive the name of the contest, but I believe it was something like ‘Skate Wars’. And that is pretty much all I remember about it.

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  1. yeahhhh... i remember that day. is that ODB in the background too?