Sunday, July 10, 2011

Skatepark Guide: Treaty Park / Robert-Laryn Skate Park in St. Augustine, FL

Treaty Park in St. Augustine is a rather large complex, containing multiple tennis courts, racquetball courts, baseball fields, a dog park, and most importantly the Robert-Laryn Skate Park. Built by Team Pain, this large transition-based park is great for experienced skateboarders, but also has a few things for the beginners and the intermediate skaters, too.

The park is mostly a bowled-edged tranny pit, with significant transitions on most sides, and fun a fun box/pyramid in the middle of the park. Since being built, the park has added handrails along the back edge, and a smaller beginner bowl near the entrance of the park.

Some of the main features of the park include a step up on the far side of the park with hubbas, a deep vert bowl in a left-hand kidney shape, and the beginner bowl. Some of the transitions show some wear beneath the coping, but it's nothing that should effect skaters with experience riding transition. I really don't have too much else to say about the park that can't be described with the pictures here.

The cost to skate the park is $1, which is payed at the skateshop at the entrance of the park. The shop itself seems to be pretty comprehensive, with multiple types of boards and accessories. I'm not sure whether helmets are required to skate the park, though I did see a couple of kids skating without them.

All in all, Treaty Park seems to be a pretty well rounded and fun place to skate. You can check the gallery of photos of the park here

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