Saturday, June 23, 2012

Go Skateboarding Day 2012 - A Wrap Up

Photo: Nate Cary
  Looks like the crew from Kona Skatepark did it again. At first word of this event, I was skeptical. A contest at Hemming Plaza? We've been skating Hemming for decades, getting the boot, getting tickets and getting hassled for it. How can the city possibly sanction an event here and expect it to work out?
Well, I don't know the circumstances, and I don't know any of the behind-the-scenes details--but I do know it was a hell of a good time. So what if we didn't storm the streets. On June 21st, it seemed, Downtown Jacksonville opened it's arms to us for the first time in history, as far as I know. It's a day worth remembering. If not for that, than at least appreciate it for a fun time. It was. 

Autoline, a main sponsor of the Day's events, has pretty thorough (and sick) coverage of the best trick on the stairs/rail/ledge:

Here is Connor Cornell's Take:

From BusStop Homie Nate Cary: 

In other parts of the world:

Skatepark of Tampa and Andrew Reynolds took it to the streets in Detroit.
Go Skateboarding Day in Detroit: Andrew Reynolds and Crew Boss Past Police from Rob Meronek on Vimeo.

There is plenty more content on the way, so come back for updates! 

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