Saturday, October 20, 2012

Phillip Thompson and the Fancy Lads of Fancylads

Sometimes people tell me I look like Phil. Sometimes we wear beanies and we both wear pants that fit and have long hair. Phillip, however has something of a creative talent for filming and creating video gems that I have yet to develop. Phillips work is rad, and his style is evident when you see his VX and his Super 8 footage with his edits. I interviewed Phillip Recently and talked to him for a little bit about what he is doing with Fancy Lads. -Norm
So first off tell me about the Fancy Lad video you've been working on. How did you get started with that?

I've been pen pals with Colin Fiske since the days of MySpace, after the split from heroin he started skating for Fancylad and i just kept in touch. they did an east coast tour and I lined up a place for them to stay in Jacksonville and got all their footage while they were here and since then I've been trying to get footage to go towards the video.

So they are from Boston, right? How far along is the video?

Yeah Boston Jamaica plain, the video should be done within the next few months, there's actually two videos in the works, they're working on a tour video titled Grindstorm and the second full length Fancylad video titled Newhell.

So do you do much else besides film? Who's on the team right now?

Yeah I’m  also the "sales rep" for northeast Florida For Fancylad, I'm just kind of selling decks out of my car but Young Loud and Snotty just started selling decks and hopefully more shops soon. I also work a normal job. And right now the team is Nicholas "big" Murray , Colin Fiske , Eric Belhummer, Marty McCue, Legs, Dave Vey, Mike Fork, Zacher and Puff. I'm probably missing some people.

Some of those sound like stage names. So have you been doing a lot of skateboarding yourself lately?

Here and there, if I'm not working.

So what kind of camera are you using these days?

The vx2000 and a canon super 8 814.

How do you go about editing the super 8 stuff? Is it complicated?

A little, more expensive than anything and it's a long process, I order the film off line through Kodak which cost about 20 bucks per roll, plus shipping. Each roll is 50 feet which is about 5 minutes of footage. Then the film has to be developed, which is about 40 dollars or so, and after that the film gets scanned and put onto a disk in which cost around 40 bucks. Then it's good to edit.

You know I can edit film by hand with scissors and tape? Looks like hell though. Any other projects you've got going on?

Eventually a short skate video when ever I get the funds together. More youtube edits and also eventually a short documentary.

Any other projects you've got going on?

Well, other than the two fancylad videos, theres the riverwalk slalom contest october 7th which should be very awesome, and I just finished up an edit of the Fancylad Jacksonville chapter for Jenkem Magazine featuring clips from Andrew Green, Broc Litton, Spencer White, Steve Darlington, Tarrin Daggs, Willie Hecket, Nate Shellhorn and Faruk Vakufac.

Thanks Phillip!

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