Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jacksonville's soon-to-be Newest Skatepark - the Block

    Mike Peterson is an amazing skateboarder and a bartender, and I once heard he's even great at mowing lawns. Well, this summer Mike will have another hat to wear as owner of The Block skatepark, located in a warehouse on the corner of Clarkson and Tallyrand in downtown Jacksonville. I visited the new park a few days ago, and had the warmest, friendliest welcome a person could give while in the middle of building a skatepark. (If you talk to Mike regularly, you're probably used to that kind of thing)
      Mike took the time to chat with me about the park, and how the support and energy people are putting behind what is going on at the park has blown him away. "It's all word of mouth. People just show up and ask to help."
     When I asked how he managed to pay for the space, the wood and everything else involved with building a skatepark, he told me succinctly: "I've been saving." Between contest winnings and wages from his bar tending job, he's managed to put enough of his funds together to get the park in motion. And when I stopped by last week, I saw no shortage of people lending to his cause. Without giving too much away, I have to say Jacksonville has some good things coming as far as skateboarding is concerned, and I can't wait to see them materialize.

Stay tuned for more info and photos about the Block! You can see the gallery of construction images here!

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