Friday, July 31, 2009

Reminder: Crown Cookout @ Emerson Tomorrow!

Just a quick reminder, the next Crown Cookout is this weekend at Emerson, AKA Cuba Hunter Park. As always, the cookout starts at 6pm on Satuday.

For more details, head over to Crown's website here.

Left: a Feeble grind down the flatrail at Ed Austin in the rain. Who that is?

Street Dreams - Now Playing @ AMC Regency

Street Dreams is now playing at AMC Regency. Unfortunately, a movie promo wasn't in the cards for us, but I hope you can enjoy it anyway. If you are going to see it, you'd better act fast, because it probably won't be in theaters for long.

Manny Mania Update

To all of you heading down to Manny Mania this weekend and don't have a ride, send me an Email. To all of you who DO have a ride and have room for someone else, send me an email. I will do my best to help you guys get down there. According to Ryan King at Red Bull, he'd like to see everyone at the Ice Palace or the Hotel around 2 or so. That means if you are leaving saturday, it's an early departure, as it can take up to 7 hours to get to Miami from Jax, or more if South Florida Traffic is bad. Get at me with your number and I can try to help you. If you haven't been told you are on the list, I can't help you enter the contest. Thanks!

Frank Baagoe: Stoke of the Day on Thrasher

Congrats to Frank Baagoe for getting 'Stoke of the Day' over at Thrasher for this trick at the Atlantic Beach skatepark.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4 for 48 - Here is your Winner: Nick Blanco

Congrats to Nick Blanco for the win, and thanks to everyone who voted and especially those who submitted a video. For all of you who competed please send your contact info to me. Lastly, a very special thanks to Ryan King and Red Bull Skateboarding for making this contest possible. You've done amazing things for skateboarding in Jacksonville, and we appreciate all that you have done.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

4 for 48 - Entries So Far

Here are the entries so far. Remember to log in and let me know which videos are your favorite. The deadline is the 28th, so there is time for more people to enter to win a trip to Miami and 48 cans of Red Bull.

Nick Blanco

Trevor has 3 tricks, due to an ankle injury.

Cameron Palmer

Max Martin

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Classics - Kenny Roche, 1995-1999

See if you can recognize all of these local places. I can. (edited by Justin Abare)

RIP - Gidget

Pour out some of your Mountain Dew Baja Blast for this one - the Taco Bell mascot Gidget hass passed away.

'Who cares' you might say. I do! Don't know how I'm going to break this one to my dog. Maybe it's a career opportunity?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

theProgram Magazine

Check out issue 10 of theProgram magazine online here. Rad zine with a couple of familiar FL spots.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Manny Mania is Coming soon...

Don't forget to send in your videos! Remember, the deadline is on the 28th. The sooner, the better!

What do you want to see at OP Park?

So, I met with Ms Anjie at the OP Park over the weekend, and discussed the potential for additions to the park, in addition to weird bureaucratic mysteries going on at OP Town Hall. (OP Seriously needs a Joey Marchy of it's own!) So, word its we could possibly getting some big improvements going to the park. It's up in the air right now, but for the time being, I want to hear what you might want in the park. Post up and let me know! Personally, I'm voting for an Animal Chin Ramp.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Contest Announcement: 4 for 48: Red Bull Manny Mania Edition - UPDATED!

4 for 48: Manny Mania Edition

If you are familiar with BusStop's 4 for 40 contest series, the concept is pretty simple. From the word go, you have 2 weeks to film yourself doing tricks as described in the rules. Before the trick, film the date and time in whatever way you see fit--note cards, focusing on your phone, etc. You post the video up online, send me a link, I post it, and people vote in the comments section for the winner.

Well, it's time for an all new twist on 4 for 40, with a much more significant prize to win. Here's the details:

  1. Film yourself doing 4 Manual tricks. You can do these anywhere, but some good spots to work on these include the manny pads at Kona Skatepark and the pad at the OP skatepark ('OP Park'). Be sure to mark the footage with the date.

  2. Upload your video to a sharing site such as Vimeo, Flickr, Youtube, whatever, and send me a link.

  3. Tell all your friends to vote in the comments section once all the submissions are posted.
That's pretty much all there is to entering. So what do you get if you win? Well, you don't get 40 bucks. Sorry, no cash prizes this time. But don't worry about that, Red Bull is providing something much better: Top skaters judged will not only win 48 cans of Red Bull, but also a ticket to skate at Red Bull's Manny Mania event in Miami, in addition to a paid stay at a local hotel, courtesy of Red Bull. For more info about Manny Mania, visit the official website here.

Update: The Deadline for Submissions is July 24th. Get Crackin'!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Reminder: One Week Left to submit for 4 for 48

But even if you aren't filming for anything, you should go skate while it's not raining. If you don't know where to go to film for 4 for 48, why not head to Emerson? It's totally free. Kona skatepark also has some slick manny pads to skate. Go now! (videos pulled from the vaults of Nate Carey)

Clyde Singleton Vs. Matt Fink

Go to Transworld to check out Clyde Singleton's introduction of Matt Fink. Here is a video from said article, with footage from Chris Jolly and Music By Paten Locke:

Crown Cookouts, Summer 2009

Click to Enlarge

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Street Dreams Comes to Jacksonville on July 31st, 2009

If you've been biting your nails anticipating the day this movie comes to Jacksonville, you can stop now. I called all kinds of people trying to get this thing to happen here in town, but unfortunately none of it worked out. But no worries, it's finally been announced that Street Dreams is opening here in Jacksonville at the AMC Regency on July 31st. Will there be a party? Will there be punch and pie? We are working on that right now. Unfortunately, since it's not happening at the 5 points theatre (as far as I know, not for lack of effort on their part though) there won't be beer, but you should all make it a point to come out anyway.

Here is a full listing of new showtimes and venues:

amc south barrington
amc cantera

amc studio
amc gulfpointe
amc willowbrook
regal marquis

amc grapevine
amc mesquite
amc grand

regal farmingdale

regal village sq
regal texas station
regal colonnade

regal colorado mills

del mar

regal pointe
regal oveido

amc regency sq

amc coco walk

amc carolina pavillion

amc indian river

amc quail springs
amc crossroads

regal manchester

amc huebner

regal metropolitan

regal dole cannery

springdale 18

showcase huber hts

showcase maumee

Duane Peters Gunfight @ the Landshark Cafe tonight

So long as DP's Twitter isn't BSing me, Duane Peters' band is going to be playing at the Landshark Cafe:

DPGunfight tonight at the LandShark Jacksonville Fla lance Conklin petting The Fish

Not sure what time though. Check out that picture of Lance Conklin.

Former Florida Skateshop Owner Arrested

"Joseph Edmund Chiquet, 34, the former owner of the Bradenton Beach, Florida skateboard shop, The Yard, has apparently been arrested for “exposing a minor to harmful motion pictures” and “lewd and lascivious battery on a 15-year-old girl” that he met in his shop, according to a story in the Bradenton Herald.

The girl said she met Chiquet at his Bradenton skateboard shop, The Yard, in January and they began a relationship. She told police in an interview with her mother present, that Chiquet lied to her and told her he was 28 years old. The girl gave investigators a detailed description of Chiquet’s apartment, and she also said he had a naked picture of her on his computer, the police report said.

Chiquet is being held in the Manatee County jail on a $10,120 bond. Apparently, he couldn’t wait three years."

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Belated 32nd Birthday to BusStop Homey Nate Carey


And congrats on being able to jump over your foot while grabbing it even after drinking so much.

Ben Gore Vs Mark Appleyard @ The Berrics

Most of you that read BusStop remember seeing Ben Gore in the Flatline Video, Not Even Here. If you don't, you can see that here. Well, Mr Gore is now skating for Stereo, and got set up to play against Mark Appleyard in the Battle at the Berrics 2. I won't sugarcoat the results, but I was rooting for him anyway. You can check out the match and the pregame interview over at the Berrics.

Here's a little more from Ben Gore:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nike Skateboarding's Debacle @ Kona Skatepark

Click the image to enlarge

4 for 48, Manny Mania Announcement coming soon!

I've been really busy in the past week, but I wanted to let you guys know that I'm working on another contest round, but with a new twist. Not ready to announce it yet, but if you want to prepare yourself early, I'd go ahead and work on filming some manual tricks, and using a date marker similar to what Nate Cary and Trevor Stevens did for the 4 for 40 submissions.

Speaking of which, Trevor needs to get at me so he can get paid!
For more info on Red Bull's Manny Mania, check out the official site here.

Clyde Singleton's Walk With Me 5.0 | Transworld Skateboarding

Clyde Singleton's Walk With Me 5.0 | Transworld Skateboarding
A photo gallery of people having a good time on Go Skate Day, courtesy of Transworld Skateboarding and Clyde Singleton.

Shared via AddThis

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Clyde Singleton presents: Go Skate Day pt.2 Bangers for Bucks

Part 2 of Clyde Singleton's Summary of Go Skate Day 2009 in Jacksonville.

Clyde Singleton presents: Go Skate Day pt.1 Kona Skatepark Fantasy Cup

Clyde's summary of Go Skate Day has begun over at Transworld Skateboarding's website, on over to the site to check it out the full story. I'm glad to see Transworld featuring some quality skateboarding content from Jacksonville. Don't forget to check out the video:

Thanks to Josh at East Center for the update.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Here is your replacement for OP Park in Orange Park FL


I don't think the town planners in Orange Park are actually smoking crack, but after seeing this proposed redesign of the park, it would certainly seem that way. Why would they take an already great looking park that is built by skaters to last for years, and replace it with what looks like a rejected 'build your own park' from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2? Apparently the budget is the reason for this barren wasteland of a skatepark design. According to Jason Baldessari of Spohn Ranch (whose logo appears on the above image):

"The design you saw that was put together for Orange Park is a direct product of the available budget for the available area. From what we were told the existing ramps were going to be scraped but if the park is in good shape that is a whole different story."

So basically this means whomever contracted the designer of the new proposed park intends to scrap the thousands of dollars worth of safe, skateable, built-to-last skate ramps and obstacles currently at the park that you have all worked so hard to get, and replace it with what looks like what Optimus Prime might crap out after a small meal. Kind of a slap in the face, isn't it? I mean sure, the small collection of tiny obstacles might be decent in quality, but seriously - that picture looks like a collection the Lego blocks that got lost behind the couch.

I'm having a hard time coming up with contact information for the people responsible for this, but here is what I have-

Town Manager
John W. Bowles
Phone: 278-3018 (Town Hall)

Orange Park Town Clerk:

Please contact these people and try to find out what is going on. Let them know what you think. Let ME know what you think. Thanks.

On a final note - Check out the Spohn Ranch website to see what the designer is capable of. They are by NO MEANS the bad guy here. Just look at what is possible, and think about how you would apply that to the park design. Check out what they built at UNF: