Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BusStop Magazine - What's With the Name?

So you may be wondering how I came up with the name "BusStop Magazine". Well, honestly the answer is pretty simple. Some time back, a rad guy I know put together a skate mag with a similar name, and he went pretty damn far with it. It was the big thing on the east coast in regards to skate mags, at least that's how I saw it. This mag was known as 'Truckstop Magazine', and I have many fond memories of it, and fond memories of all the people I knew that played a part in it's making. The magazine was a great read, and they even included reviews of the zines I used to put out from time to time.

So, I mean naturally, I'm not out to steal the thunder from anyone, rip off a name, or to mooch off of Truckstop's legacy. Think of it this way: A truckstop, for many road-faring burlymen, is kinda like an Oasis. You can sleep, buy gas, eat, and at some truckstops, you can even find a special lady to spend some time with. At a Bus Stop, on the other hand, you can rest for a minute, read the paper, pretend not to hear people, and perhaps even "enjoy" the weather. You can't really sleep, because most benches have bumstoppers, (yeah, remember that term for when the economy goes to shit) and you probably don't want to eat anything while you are there either. You might very well find a 'special' lady to spend some time with though. So yeah, it's like the bobo little red-headed stepson of a truckstop. Or, maybe like Jason Lee's character in that Pixar movie The Incredibles. I dunno. But anyway, I wanted to take the time to acknowledge where the name came from, and say thanks to Lep and to truckstop for inspiring me.

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