Sunday, October 12, 2008

Skate Parking - OP Skatepark, Orange Park Florida

When OP Skatepark fist opened back in 2000, the park's reception was less than stellar. The ramps were awkward and poorly built, and there was an 8 dollar entry fee in addition to a pad and helmet requirement. Not only that, but it was located right around the corner from Grove Park Elementary, which was one of the best skatespots in Orange Park at the time, with it's ledge seating in the bus circle. Well, those ledges are gone now, which is bad news, but the good news is that the OP Park has been under new management for quite some time now, and things are constantly getting better. The Park is now totally free to skate, and all you need to bring with you is your skateboard and your helmet. The environment is easy going and great for all age groups, and Ms Anjie who runs the park has done a great job of managing the recent upgrades. Take a look at the photos I took over the weekend. All the new ramps are covered in Skatelite, and were built or are being built by Tim Johnson. 

At the entrance to the park, there is a small shop where you can purchase drinks and snacks, and along the south end of the park, there are bleachers where you can sit and watch people skate. The vibe at the park is as mellow as can be, so don't hesitate to stop by. 

The mini spine ramp is one of my favorite things to skate.

You can see some of the new stuff here.

Summer 2010 Update:

Since the last Update, the OP Park has been nearly totally redone, with the help of Team Pain. The park also has a full snack bar, bathrooms, and an area for putting boards together. In addition to that, there is a small playground, a grilling area for barbecues, and a covered area with picnic tables for relaxing in the shade. It's easily one of the best skateparks in the North Florida area.

Here are some photos from the new parts of the park:

OPParkRenovations  302

OPParkRenovations  308

OPParkRenovations  304

OPParkRenovations  305

If you want to know how to get to the park, check out the listed spots for directions.


  1. Thanks for the great review of OP Skate Park. The pictures are awesome! Butterz mom

  2. can you rent a helment

  3. Yup, you can rent a helmet. I think helmet rental is free.

  4. The sign of the cross

  5. hey can u wer roller blades or do u hav 2 hav a skate board

  6. you can rollerblade, i do all the time