Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Amsterdamn Am Results: I don't know you people

The Amsterdamn Am contest went down over the weekend, and although Holland is a little far for me to travel to cover a skate contest, Rob Meronek and Ryan Clements were good enough to take photos and write about their experiences for people to read. You can check out their writeup and photo collection from last year on the Damn Am website, and as always, you can follow along on their adventures at the Skatepark of Tampa website, which is always a good read. Here are the results as posted:

Final Results
1. Rob Maatman (NLD)
2. Bulard Adrien (FRA)
3. Wood Hoogendyk (NLD)
4. David Loy (USA)
5. Ruben Rodriguez (PRT)
6. Madars Apse (LVA)
7. Tim Zom (NLD)
8. Reini Rietsch (AUT)
9. Chris Gregson (USA)
10. Dylan Perry (USA)
11. Robbin Oost (NLD)
12. Collin Provost (USA)

Best Trick
Lukas Danek (CZE) - Switch hardflip back lip to forward on the rainbow ledge

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