Friday, January 29, 2010

Kona Skatepark Series: Kidney Pool Contest Results

Final Results

12 & Under

1. Dalton Price
2. Matthew Despres
3. Austin Creasman
4. Archer Braun
5. dlan Usma
6. Sean Arthur Jr
7. Christopher Kozma
8. Jesse Alterman
9. Dominic Borrero
10. Anson Braun

13 & Up

1. Clay Kreiner
2. Lucas Stanley
3. Jacob Welch
4. Austin Stanley
5. Ryan Classe
6. Stone Denning


1. Steven Pineiro
2. Marshall LaFrance
3. Cason Kirk
4. Frank shaffroth
5. Juan pineiro
6. Nate Shellhorn
7. Dane Quintal
8. Spencer Lau
9. Stephen Workman

More info will be available soon at Kona's website.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Benefit Show for Families of the Links Apartments

If you haven't heard, a couple of weeks ago lots of people lost just about all they had in a fire that happened at The Links Apartments. This is how you can help them get back on their feet.

Photos from the Yougottagetthat! Video Premiere@ Landshark

If you didn't stop by, you missed out. This video was sick.

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<untitled>  096

<untitled>  090

<untitled>  092

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<untitled>  094

<untitled>  095

<untitled>  097

<untitled>  099

Check out the Gallery Here.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bangers 4 Bucks @ Surf Expo Courtesy of REAX Mag

Tom P. from REAX mag shared these photos from the recent episode of Bangers 4 Bucks at the recent Surf Expo. In addition to an awesome contest, there was tons of cash given away and presumably an amazing performance by VJ/DJ Jeron. You can see the full gallery here.

Steve VanDoren, Founder of Vans, Serving up waffles.

Celebs Caught on Film

Santa has a Winter Home in Florida, FYI.

All Photos Property of Tom P./Reax.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bangers 4 Bucks @ Surf Expo Tomorrow

Check out a short interview with Martin Ramos along with a course layout here. Teams competing will be those voted in as posted about a few months ago. This means no- you can't walk in and win all the money if you aren't on the list. Even if you are Larry Perkins.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chad Landenberger: I'M BOARD IV

An Interview with Chad Landenberger: I'm BOARD IV

First off, tell me a little bit about what I'M BOARD IV is all about.

I’M BOARD IV is the 4th annual skateboard art show I’m putting on, and it consists of artwork on skate decks. It’s an open submission so anyone and everyone is encouraged to participate in the show. It’s a show that combines two of my biggest influences: skating and art.

What first inspired you to create "I'm Board"? Was the idea all your own?

I had wanted to put on a large scale, general submission art show for some time and always thought a skateboard deck would make a great uniform canvas for people to work on. After getting some positive feedback on the idea from some friends, it gave me the push I needed to get the show together.

There have been various deck shows throughout the world so it’s not a very original idea, but Jacksonville didn’t have anything like that going on, and there is a pretty healthy skate scene here so I just ran with the idea of a skateboard art show.

How long have you been interested in skateboarding?

I remember going to a birthday party at a skating rink and instead of rollerskating I watched the Bones Brigade “Search for Animal Chin,” and after that I was hooked. A few years later my family moved to Arizona, and my neighbor had a mini ramp and gave me my first board when I was in 6th grade. So you could say I’ve been interested in skating most of my life. It’s definitely had a big impact on me, though I don’t skate nearly as much as I used to.

After seeing the work on display at I'M BOARD 4 on display, I was pleasantly surprised. Were there any specific pieces you can single out as your favorites?

Over the years there have been so many I don’t think I can pick a specific favorite, but I did get two awesome ones last year. One from Jesse Gay, it’s an old school shaped deck with just barely a kicked up nose. It has a stencil of a kid wearing an Indian headdress. It’s simple looking but when you get up close you realize the black lines are stencils and not paint strokes – I just really dig it. The second one I got last year was from Jeanne Ciasullo. It’s an acrylic painting of a female face with a hot pink background. It looks like it could be the album art of some indie/electro band. I wish I would have bought some from the first 2 shows as well, but I’ll try to take some home this year.

There were a lot of things on display last time around. Have you ever had to turn anyone away from entering?

So far every piece that has been submitted has been displayed. I’m always scared that only a few pieces will be turned in and I’ll only be showing 20 or so pieces. Then, usually the day of the deadline I get 80 submissions and people calling me asking for an extension, and a lot of scrambling goes on with people turning pieces in at the last minute.

Thanks Chad! Can't wait for the show!

I'M BOARD IV will take place on Wednesday, February 3rd from 5-9 at 229 N. Hogan St. during Art Walk. If you are interested in submitting work for the show, more info can be found here.

Some Highlights From Last Year's Show:
Click on the links below the images to go to their respective galleries.

From Flickr User Photo Schmoto

From Flickr User PointShootEnjoy

229 North Hogan Street, 32202

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Skateboarder in Arlington Struck by Car, Life Threatening Injuries

According to a story found on, a skateboarder was struck by car yesterday around 6pm. No information was given about who this person was, or anything else other than the fact that he was wearing black clothing. I'm interested in finding out more about the situation, so any info would be helpful, including whether or not this person needs support from the community somehow. You can check out the story here, but be advised: Reading the comments section on News4Jax can be harmful to your health and/or sanity.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kona Skatepark Series Pool Contest - UPDATED WITH NEW DATE

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Florida Bowlriders Cup Dates Announced

The dates for the 2010 Florida Bowlriders have formally been announced, courtesy of Martin Ramos of Kona Skatepark. Kona skatepark is going to be providing a base of operations with free camping grounds at the park. As always, bands, barbecues and bonfires are on the itinerary. Be on the lookout at Kona's site for more info about what to expect. For reference, check out BusStop's coverage from last year's event here and here.

This Year's Schedule:
Friday March 19thNSB Skatepark, New Smyrna Beach, FL
Saturday March 20thSecret Backyard Bowl, Jacksonville FL
Sunday March 21stKona Kidney Pool, Jacksonville FL

More from Previous Years: