Sunday, May 31, 2009

Congrats to Ante Up! Round Two Winner, Chase Loggins

Congratulations on winning all this loot. More coverage is coming soon, including footage from the final 3-way match, and photos of all the people who came out. Thanks to everyone who came out to show support, and thanks to Kevin Graver who masterminded the whole thing.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

10 Questions: Nick Blanco

What is your full name?
Nicholas James Blanco

Where are you from originally?
I was born in San Diego, CA. But I've lived all over the place. I lived in Japan for like a quarter of my life. But now I've lived in Jacksonville for like 9 years or something now. Holdin down Arlington... haha

Where is the last place you rode your skateboard?

Monument. I don't really go up there a lot anymore but it was kind of fun. I usually just go to the skatepark at UNF.

Describe your first memory of skateboarding where you currently live.

Me and my friend Zach McCormick lived in these apartments off San Pablo and we would just mess around in the tennis courts during the summer. That was probably like 6 years ago haha.

Who do you skate with most, of all the people you know?
Trevor Stevens for sure, Brian Richey, Tyler Peaco, David McMinn, Scott Brightman, Adrien McGee. There's a lot of homies that skate with us but most of the time you can catch me with them.

Name one thing that could make skateboarding better in your area.

If they added the next phase to monument. Or if they just built like a berrics replica right next to my house. I'd be pretty psyched on that one.

Who do you look up to the most, and why-skating, or otherwise?
No Homo, Peterson cause he skates really fast and just shreds full time. My homie Richey cause hes got the freshest steeze out. Paul Hart and Evan Mirschel cause they're retarded on skateboards. And my Dad cause he holds down 3 jobs and is the hardest working dude I know.

Do you think you will still be skateboarding 20 years from now?
38? I really don't know. I'd like to say yeah and just be a park shark cruisin' fully padded haha. But honestly I probably don't think I will. My back and ankles are already goin' out on me.

What is the most common place you go to eat before, during, or after a day of skateboarding?
Well I work at Firehouse subs. So usually I eat there before I skate because I work every morning. After that I'll usually get like a little snack at a gas station or something while I'm skating or right before I skate. Then I just whyle out on whatever my parents cook at the house.

What is the last trick you learned, and how many tries did it take to learn it?
Last trick I learned how to do was a kickflip. It took me like 6 years, and I still suck at it.

What are you going to do, now that you are done with this questionnaire?
Eat the rest of my fire Outback from last night. Eat some more. Eat dinner after that. Play Call of Duty for a while and then eat some more. And then wake up and... eat.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Ante Up! Game of S.K.A.T.E. - Round 2

Click image to enlarge.

Just a bump as a reminder that this contest is THIS COMING SUNDAY, and according to a message in the chat box, Clyde dropped off a bunch of good shit to go toward the prizes. Good looking out! Don't miss it.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Summer Line from Arturo Clothing

In case you happened to miss it, Arturo Clothing has just released it's new summer line of clothing. To see more from Arturo, go to their blog here, or their shop on Etsy here. Speaking of which, do you remember when this little guy was just a puppy? Well guess what! I just got a dog, so my dog mascot can compete with your dog mascot. But hopefully, they won't ever have to compete with George Evans' dog mascot.

Skatepark of Tampa Announces Their Own Trade Show: The Moat Show

The Skatepark of Tampa announced today their plans to replace the stagnant, headache riddled 'action sports' tradeshow with an event of their own: A tradeshow focused on skateboarding and only skateboarding. If you have ever been to a tradeshow before, you'll know that getting in is not always easy, and rarely fun. Once you are in, you have to wade through a mess of kiteboarder demos, hybrid razor scooter rollerblades, and tech deck surfboard salesmen to find the stuff you really want to look at and talk to people about. Well guys, you have my support, however significant that may be. Go here to read about the event, which is scheduled to take place on August 19th, 2009.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

4 for 40 Contest Update - You have 2 weeks.


Just one final update for the final leg of this contest. Due to bad weather, as I mentioned before, I've extended the deadline for video submissions TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY. That means you will have till JUNE 10th to get your 4 tricks filmed, edited and sent my way via web-based video.

If you need another breakdown of the rules, here is what you need to do:

1 -Film Yourself doing 4 different tricks in 4 different places/obstacles.
2 -Before each trick, mark the date for the camera by writing it on something. Make sure I know you have done the tricks within the period that this contest is running.
3 -Edit the footage of your tricks and upload the video to a site such as youtube or Vimeo.
4 -Email me here with a link to the video, along with your name.
5 -Win 40 dollars for having the best video.

For reference, here are some links to the previous contests, with the long version of the rules and details of the contest. This time around, there are no limits to location, tricks just need to be on different obstacles/different places.

Round 1: Jack Seely

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

10 Questions: Brian Richey

What is your full name?
Brian Jeffrey Richey

Where are you from originally?
I actually grew up in Ewing Township, New Jersey but my brother and I pretty much lived in Philadelphia, PA. We lived in this crazy house off Bayberry road. It's crazy cause there were 4 stories to the house and haven't seen one house with anything close to that here.

Where is the last place you rode your skateboard?
At the ol' Ethics mini ramp. Any public spot before that would be UNF. I'm a round bar junkie.

Describe your first memory of skateboarding where you currently live.
Oh god, it was when we first moved to Florida and we met Chris Kendal down off of 1st street near where the old pavilion was. He was doing some crazy tricks that my brother and I weren't into as of yet. It's a whole different style up north. Anyways, he pretty much introduced us to everyone from there. Oh!! My REAL first experience though was meeting Josh Wilson, Corrie, Dorien, Zartain, and Hucks. It was ill sessions at some apartment just off of the exit of Blanding. Soon after we were meeting up skating Firehouse ledges all the time.

Who do you skate with most, of all the people you know?
Right now or when I use to have the time to skate? hmm...well my brother Mike would be who I use to skate with the most but right now it's Nick Blanco, Trevor Stevens, Scott Brightman, Will Watson, Paul Hart, and Fatty. Those are the heads I'm usually meeting with to skate anytime I go shred.

Name one thing that could make skateboarding better in your area.
People buying more World gear! haha nah. One thing would be to expand your creativity and actually build stuff. But be open to all the crews of Jacksonville being able to skate it. If everyone wasn't so stingy with the spots they find then there wouldn't be so much drama when people pop up on a spot. It's so annoying.

Who do you look up to the most, and why-skating, or otherwise?
Probably my brother Mike. He's getting up there in age and he's still keeping four wheels under him. Skating has always been a past time for both of us and if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be going anywhere with the skate industry.

Do you think you will still be skateboarding 20 years from now?
Hmm, that's a tough thing to say. I'm gonna have to say yes, I will be skating. I probably won't be jumping any gaps or doing many flip tricks really. I'll probably be that park magnet overweight guy who doesn't stop doing over excessive rock n' rolls.

What is the most common place you go to eat before/during/after a day of skateboarding?
I don't really eat much before the session though... I'm constantly working so I don't have the time. After though? You can't fade the Whopper son!
I'm a BK whore. It's either that or I'm hitting the grill up at Ichibon for some teryaki chicken and shraaamp.

What is the last trick you learned, and how many tries did it take to learn it?
The last trick I learned was pretty technical. I was messing around with poppin' in and out of grinds at UNF with the homies and I thought, what if I tried this? After a few tries, I just landed it. It took about 5 or 6 tries to land one that was kinda sketchy. A feeble grind to boardslide, pop back into feeble and then frontside 180 out.

What are you going to do, now that you are done with this questionnaire?
I'm gonna eat this fresh burger I just got.

Built to Shred Coverage on First Coast News

Monday, May 25, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

Kevin Graver: Interview with a Scapegoat

I sat down with Kevin a few days ago to talk about his recent arrest and the sketchy details surrounding it, but I got a lot more out of the interview than just what is going on with his legal woes. Take some time to read what he has to say, and you just might learn a thing or two about how to help build a strong skateboarding community.

So how did this get started? Going from what I saw on the news, you got arrested for doing this thing at the monument…

Yeah, I was in Riverside when everything happened. By myself, skating down the sidewalk, and this cop was doing some off duty… homework, extra credit work. Just rolled up and asked me for my info, and told me he wanted to snoop around the neighborhood, and look for people doing bad stuff, and snitch on them. He got my information, and came back to the spot an hour later, and that was it. I went to the slammer.

Right. So did he at all mention to you the stuff that went down at the memorial?

No. Not at all.

So how do you think that Channel 4 interpreted your arrest as you getting caught skating there (at the veterans memorial)?

Well they definitely didn’t do any research into what actually happened, I guess they just looked at the police reports that they got off the Internet. Seems like they write whatever they want about it. Whatever story they are trying to write, that’s what they present.

Do you feel like there is any connection between what happened to you and the story that was posted… was the story on News 4 Jax just totally fabricated? That’s what it seems like.

I mean the story they told—they didn’t even tell the story of what happened. They interviewed some poor guy that lost his son in a war, I had nothing to do with that story—I feel like they used that to get people’s interest. You know, honestly, you could make an article about anything and use that same kind of tactic, so it’s kind of a cheap shot towards me, I feel.

I feel like in the article, it’s like—the specific tag line they used was something like: “Skateboarder arrested on felony charges for skateboarding at veteran’s monument”. And that really doesn’t have anything to do with what happened to you. So I guess what I’m asking is how would someone come up with that correlation? Because you are a skateboarder?

No. 3 months prior to that, some people got cited for skateboarding there. I never got cited, but I guess they knew I was there, for other reasons. I think a few days after that, everyone got in trouble for it, and they put warrants out. The judge, and the state attorney, they just wrote us up.

So I’ve read, and I’ve heard from you, that this is a felony charge, which is pretty heavy.

Yeah, It’s real heavy. They aren’t sure about it right now… how do I say this? I shouldn’t talk about this. I don’t really want to talk about the details of it right now. They are working on that right now.

Ok. But I think it should be noted that the whole think about announcing it on the news was pretty underhanded, and everyone can recognize that. That’s one thing that really sticks out to me. That they take a sad story about a guy that is upset about a monument, a memorial-

-And put him against me?

Yeah. And then pull you into it out of nowhere.

Right. I mean obviously, there are a thousand kids who have skated this spot throughout the past few years. It’s an amazing spot. It’s known. People come here from out of town. I have friends that are like, you know “the monument spot is so ill.” I skated there one time. And this is what’s happening. It’s a lot to deal with.

I think there is a lot people don’t really think about when skating there.

Don’t go there!

Yeah. I think some people don’t realize the sensitivity people have about it.

Yeah, people are very sensitive about it, so I’ve found. They might look at it like a rock that someone sculpted into some benches to sit on, whereas we look at it as a tool to express ourselves. Who can think of the best way to utilize this piece of rock? In someone else's reality that piece of rock is a shrine to somebody, a place of respect. It’s kind of how you are brought up, how you look at things. I think that has a lot to do with it.

Do you think now this is a reminder that skateboarders are very much in the crosshairs?

Yeah, definitely. Downtown is hot right now. They are definitely looking for us.
I don’t want to make it this whole Us vs. Them thing, but they are onto us, they see us downtown. They’ll get you.

Kickflip to Fakie on the BusStop Goes to Tampa Trip. Photo: David Morico

Do you think would be a good time to bring up to the public that we need more public skateparks that are legitimate ‘street spots’?

Yeah. Definitely. You know, there is nothing downtown, nothing in the surrounding areas. Nothing in San Marco. Nothing in Riverside. Nothing in Springfield. I mean we need something. I mean it’s common sense, you know. There are like 50 parks or something in Riverside? Not one of them has anything to do with skateboarding. I mean it’s great to have basketball courts, baseball fields, tennis… all that. But it’s almost 2010. We need to get with the times. Make some place for kids to go, so they don’t have to be out in the streets running from cops. You know, being out there where crackheads hang out.

Right. I know in Riverside, it seems like I see more kids that are interested in skateboarding than there are in basketball, baseball, and all these things.


A lot of these kids come here because of the creativity aspect of Riverside, there are so many creative people in this part of town.

Right. And those people come out here for that. I see them, and I see their kids, riding bikes, pushing around, and they have nowhere really to go. I mean we need somewhere to go. To keep people from going where they are gonna get chased by some cops.

There is literally no good place to go unless you have a car-

Well there is, but you are going to get in trouble, that’s the thing.

I mean I grew up skating there. I’ve been skating downtown for something like 15 years, I’d say. I know those streets. There’s times where you can skate those spots, you know, for like a year and a half without getting hassled, and then all of the sudden, someone gets pissed. The next thing you know, you are hearing all these stories about your friends getting arrested. “Oh I got a ticket at Hemming. I got a ticket at the federal building. I got a ticket at the firehouse.” Now everyone is dealing with it again, it’s definitely hot again.

Do you think this has to do with police officers and law enforcement in general, they get a wild hair, and then all of the sudden it’s the new hot thing to do-arrest skateboarders?

Well just think if you are a police officer. Think: If you were a cop. Would you want to go deal with these guys with guns, that are selling drugs—that are murdering each other, or do you want to go arrest some skinny kids with skateboards that are just cruising around downtown?

So it’s like the easy option.

That’s what I would say.

It’s an easy source of revenue for the city.

Right. They see that, they get bonuses or something, they don’t have to risk their life, dealing a high school kid--or a college kid… or a grown-ass man!

I think it’s a good time for me to plug these fund raisers we have got going on, to raise some money for parks, to help the people dealing with this issue, paying for legal costs… We are going to be slinging T-shirts, we are going to be doing a game of S.K.A.T.E. at the Z.B.B.C. complex on the 31st.

That’s in Springfield.

That’s in Springfield.

I want people to know that I added a PayPal button to the website. So if you want to donate to a cause, you can send it anonymously, and just leave a note saying “this is for Kevin Graver”, or this is for Legal Fees for our friends getting arrested, whatever, I’ll get it to them. Or for skateparks, what have you.

Awesome. And we could sling shirts off of the site.

I’m working on some stuff for BusStop specifically, but anything for the causes that we’ve mentioned would be good too…

We’re making an ‘Ante Up’ shirt, for the games that we are doing. I think we are going to start a little organization, like a not for profit thing.

Any videos?

We've been working on a video with Chris Jolly, It's going to be awesome. But more like just organizing events, doing things like that. Throwing parties. Basically just getting people together. Helping people realize just how many of us there are in this community. Just skateboarders. I think if we get together and discuss what’s going on, we could make some serious moves. I mean, all you have to do is get people together to talk. I mean the Monument park is there (Ed Austin), Atlantic Beach park is there--Atlantic Beach actually took like 12 years to get done… just talking to city people, bitching and complaining, finally someone made some moves, and now there is that monstrosity (laughs).

Better than nothing, right?

Oh, it’s great, for what it is… but we need something mellow. I’d like to have something here with some trees, some benches, something that doesn’t necessarily need to look like a skatepark. Something that’s not going to stick out and be an eyesore, I’d rather go to something that worked with the flow of the land. We could even have chess tables, places for people to site down and have a picnic out there or something, you know. Just something where we’re not going to get arrested, and need lawyers, and spend nights in jail. Things of that nature.

I’ve heard about a project called the Springfield skate plaza, have you heard about that?


I just talked to the person behind it about a month or two ago. Says he’s still behind it. Do you think there is still steam in that project?

I hope it works. They are cool. Not sure what is taking so long. They should definitely do it though. I’d like to help those guys any way I can to get the ball rolling.

Do you think there is enough community behind it?

I think the community is behind it. I just don’t think there is enough upper level support--the people that have the pen and the paperwork to sign to make it happen. Those people aren’t taking it seriously enough.

Do you think there could be something in the works like what happened at Burnside, or the Foundation in Atlanta, or something like that, where you could just renegade- make a spot?

That’s up to the people. I think everyone should just go out there and make renegade spots. To build the scene, just let it be known that we are out here, but—watch your back. It does raise awareness, and it does make places to skate, but at the same time, it pisses people off. Which I guess can be a good thing too.

Motivate people to get something done.

I think to get people to build spots all around town, that’s awesome.

Well there are so many empty spaces. Abandoned lots. Stuff just not being used. Stuff that just looks so bad.

Yeah, I can think of ten of them right now, that just sit there. And they are eyesores. Just places that sit there, with weeds growing over old asphalt. If someone could just loan us that spot. Give us a year, we’ll build a spot on our own. Even build a half pipe or something, you know? Let it be known that we have this space. Hopefully they will read this interview on the website!

Is there anything specifically that you want to talk about regarding the news, the arrests going on, anything about that?

I’d like to wait. I don’t want to jeopardize my freedom. Just come out to the S.K.A.T.E. game and just show your face. Make your presence known. Then everyone can talk, we can make some moves. I think it’ll be another really good step if people show up. A lot of people showed up for the last one, it was great.

How many people was it?

It was like 26 people that actually skated the contest. For those 26 people, there were a carload of people with them, so we had a really good turnout.
It seemed like Memorial Park was full of skateboarders.

For sure. And then everyone cruised down the street—I thought that was pretty cool how everyone cruised down to the next park.

Yeah, it went seamlessly, it seems like. We went from on park to the other.

So even though the cops broke up the first spot, we just picked up and moved to the next spot, and it worked pretty well regardless.

Yeah. And for the next spot, we have a place where we are allowed to do it. Those guys at the Z.B.B.C. are fully into it. They are awesome. We can do skate games there when we want, we can have parties, we can make moves. We can meet there and talk, get things going. Those guys are all about that, they are all about community awareness. Because that’s what we are. We are a community. There are a lot of young people out here that are doing positive things for the community.

How did you go about hooking up with those guys?

I’ve known Ian for years, just from being downtown and skating…

Ian Ranne?

Yeah, and throughout that time, he started doing his own thing through hip-hop hell, and opening up businesses throughout town. He has Shantytown, he pretty much runs the complex there… Just from being part of the scene, being around, you just meet people.

So what is the date of the contest again?

It’s the 31st of May. At 4:20 p.m. (laughs). It’s a B.Y.O.B. event. But it’s definitely a family friendly thing. Families came out for the last one. We had a few dads skating in the game.

I think I’ll sign up for this one. Just for kicks.

What else? We’ll have T-shirts for the cause. Um… If you see the cops, run.

What? Do you think that’s what will happen at the event?

No! I meant in general! (laughs)

That was kind of a joke, on the record. Thanks Norm.

Thank you, Kevin.

Rain Check! Kona Shred sled Race Postponed till Tomorrow

Click to enlarge.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crown Cookout Montage

Thanks to White Nate for bringing this to my attention, and to Marcus Gause for sharing on YouTube.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

80's Launch Ramp Contest @ Square One

Click to enlarge.

2 Beers, 2 Hands - Peterson and Berard footy @ Thrasher

I was just on the 'space and I noticed that Consolidated posted up some linked footy of Jacksonville's favorite party guy. So when you are ready, park that lawn mower and surf on over to Thrasher's website here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Have you ever had an issue with something reported on Channel 4, or

If you have, please drop a comment in the comments box and let me know. I know, I know-this isn't a political blog. But I need some help here. If you have any info about misleading news stories, please tell about them here, or otherwise send this info to me at the listed email address on the right. Thanks for your time.

Ante Up, Round 2

It's in the works, so get to practicing those body varial lazer flips. For coverage of last round, go here and, additional footage can be found here and here

Ante Up!

New Montage from Jack Seely

Untitled from jackjax on Vimeo.

Monday, May 18, 2009

10 Questions: Dorien Wrenn

What is your full name?
Dorien Wrenn aka Durty D

Where are you from originally?
The great City of Atlanta... Home of the brave and SO SO DEF!

Where is the last place you rode your skateboard?
Hmmm... good one. Be right back! Aiight I'm back (10 minutes later). Just rode my skateboard to the store to buy a forty. Did you know you could buy a forty for 2 dollars? Can't beat that!

Describe your first memory of skateboarding where you currently live.
I can tell you my 1st thought! "show everybody up!" Now 1st memory was interesting. I met this dude Alphonso that by the way, told me I showed er'body up, invited me to an art show later that night. Looking like shit, I asked him if I could go the way I am, and he looked at me like when Dave Chappelle played P. Diddy and said "Maybe you should rock some Urban Outfitters, maybe something from the Gap". Needless to say, my first memory of Atlanta was Gay Gay Gay! Alphonso my nigguh so I can joke about it.

Who do you skate with most, of all the people you know?
The twinz ( Sid & Thurm) Alphonso fo sho' and Matt Creasy. We have a video in the works. There's others like Anthony Williams, Pat Washington, J.Remmy, etc...

Name one thing that could make skateboarding better in your area.
More Moms chilling at the spot, like my home girl Jill! If you reading this Jill, (whispering) "call me". Giggity giggity

Who do you look up to the most, and why-skating, or otherwise?
That's a toss up between Clyde Singleton and Gucci Mane! I can listen to them talk all day. Clyde taught me about the skate industry and Gucci taught me how to make and sell crack.

Do you think you will still be skateboarding 20 years from now?
Hell No! A grown man in pampers on a skateboard is not a good look. I'm about to call a press conference for my retirement as we speak!

What is the most common place you go to eat before/during/after a day of skateboarding?
I eat spinach before and when I skate. But unlike Popeye, the spinach goes to my legs! Now on a date, I found that you can take a byrd anywhere. A Wendy's 5 piece got me some A** in Tampa, but that's so 97'. I got that new new, I'm taking byrds, on a candle light dinner to the Waffle House! That is the definition of pimping in a recession ladies and gentlemen.

What is the last trick you learned, and how many tries did it take to learn it?
To be honest, I really don't try to learn new tricks. I wanna perfect the ones I have! I did do a McTwist the last time I played a game of skate though and that was first try.

What are you going to do, now that you are done with this questionnaire?
Finish updating, roll to Jacksonville to collect my check for this interview and then... I'M GOING TO DISNEY LAND!

4 for 40 - Last Chance to Win

4 for 40 - Starts again NEXT MONDAY. I've postponed the contest due to the weather.
Thanks for your suggestions.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

4 for 40: Richey is Richer

If you haven't read the comments section on the two recent contest submissions, you might not know who won. But Mike Richey brought people out of the woodwork, and with more votes, he gets the win. I want to say that both videos were sick, and I appreciate the effort this time around. I just might send something to both guys. 

We have one more week of this contest, so if you haven't yet participated, now is your chance. Go out and film your shit now! The next (and last) leg of this contest starts Monday. 

Friday, May 15, 2009

New Shot of Tim Johnson's Crotch on Skate and Annoy

One of my favorite blogs to read, Skate and Annoy, posted a great though somewhat odd photo of Timmy today. I'm not going to spoil it for you. You can see it here.

New Tony Hawk Game Uses a Skateboard Deck as a Controller

You know the guys at Board City would have been pro as hell with this thing. Tony Hawk just announced today that his upcoming video game, Tony Hawk: Ride (no, it isn't the video game version of his rollercoaster at six flags) will work exclusively with the skateboard deck peripheral. No controllers, no Wii remote waggling, just a plastic skateboard deck with some buttons on the side of it. For more about the game, check out the recent episode of GameTrailers TV here. You can see the official website for the game here.

10 Questions: Max Martin

What is your full name?
Max Martin

Where are you from originally?
The monument side of Gnarlington

Where is the last place you rode your skateboard?
Kona Skatepark... funnest place ever

Describe your first memory of skateboarding where you currently live.
A little plastic quarter pipe out front of my house... skating it everyday with some neighborhood kids.

Who do you skate with most, of all the people you know?
Dunesgoons, baby! Video in the works. Kris Jones, Kyle Parisi, Steve Darlington, Joey Diez... And some more.

Name one thing that could make skateboarding better in your area.
If all these kids would stop tagging the monument park with there sharpies.

Who do you look up to the most, and why-skating, or otherwise?
Well I've got a lot of people who motivate me to skate. Mike Peterson, Duddy, Vinny, Erin "Sparky" Dray, Aaron Mullen, Chris Kendall and Mike Murphy to name a few.

Do you think you will still be skateboarding 20 years from now?
That would make me only 35, so if skateboarding hasn't killed me by then, then definitely!

What is the most common place you go to eat before/during/after a day of skateboarding?
Well I skate the Monument Park more than I skate anywhere else. So I usually just eat like 2 honey buns and some choco milk before I skate, and for the rest of the day running to the gas station across the street for drinks.

What is the last trick you learned, and how many tries did it take to learn it?
Half cab nose manual nollie big spin out. Probably around 20 tries

What are you going to do, now that you are done with this questionnaire?
I'm going to continue eating beef jerky and lurking on Myspace.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let's Clear the Air about Kevin Graver

Many of you have sent me your concerns over News4Jax's portrayal of Kevin. I've listened, read, and talked to people about it. I've watched the news story, and I've read the website's account of what has happened. I've also talked to Kevin, which is something most of these people have NOT done. First of all, I want to make my opinion perfectly clear. Kevin has done more to promote skateboarding here in town than most people posting on these message boards have done for anything at all. That's my opinion.

Did Kevin get charged for skating these ledges and doing damage? No. So why is this story linking him to the crime, citing 5,000 dollars in damage that will need to be repaired? Beats the hell out of me! Maybe they wanted to make him a target, give veterans a person to really focus their hate on. Well, if that was the goal, it sure did work, judging by the comments posted on the forums and on the site. News4Jax, how would you like it if we started our own lynch mob for the guy who wrote the story? Oh, wait. He didn't leave his name. That's a little odd, don't you think? Well guess what-
He rapes puppies and has an arrest record for beating up old ladies in a nursing home. Can you believe it?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

4 for 40, May 12 - Two submissions. Who Won?

Have you ever taken one of those tests in school, where the teacher tells you to read all the questions before you start working? It's like a trick, some kids finish half the test full of fluff problems before they realize that the last problem states: "Skip all other problems. Write your name at the top of the page and turn your paper in." Those kids who finished right away surely felt high on their horse, I bet. But I wouldn't really know, because those kids don't come here! And besides, that teacher must be a real b#$@ to give out a test like that.

First Up: Craig Lockwood

4 Tricks, 2 spots. No date marker either, but lets let that slide, I know these spots are less than a week old anyway.

4 fo 40 from craig lockwood on Vimeo.

Second Up: Mike Richey
8 Tricks, one spot.
I gave the one-spot submission the OK for Mike, since he can't really go out and hit up spots for certain reasons. The stipulation was that he had to do 8 tricks on his miniramp. Still no date marker! But again, I know he did these in the last few days.

Mike Richey from Brian Richey on Vimeo.

Go ahead and let me know what you think - which video gets the win? Tell your friends, family, co-workers, case workers, clients and acquaintances to weigh in in the comments section. NOT the chatbox. Winner will be announced this coming Saturday.

Monday, May 11, 2009

40 for 40 Deadline Today

Today is the last day to submit your video for this week's 4 for 40 contest. You'd better hurry up and send me a link to your video!

Friday, May 8, 2009

4 for 40 - Just a few days left!

This is just a reminder that there are just a few days left for this week's contest-It ends Monday. Don't miss out! Last guy won by default because he was the only person to enter. What does that mean? Well, maybe it means your chances are pretty good. How long does it take you to do four tricks? If you forgot the rules, you can check them out here.

Seely Got Paid, In Case You Were Wondering.

BusStop Shirts? Stickers? Underpants?

I get people telling me they want stickers all the time. I don't have stickers, but I'm working on it. Any other ideas?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

10 Questions - Mystery Man

Who the hell is 'Mystery Man'? Hell if I know! I do know that this 'Mystery Man' filled out a 10 questions form, and neglected to send images. Using context clues, the Busstop investigational bureau came up with these police-style renderings. We believe at least one of them to be accurate. 
What is your full name?
Mystery Man 

Where are you from originally?
Mysteria, Alabama

Where is the last place you rode your skateboard?
I rode a Mystery to Food Lion to get some Oreo pudding.

Describe your first memory of skateboarding where you currently live.
My first board was a Mystery and I'd ride it on my knees down the street to see how fast I could go.

Who do you skate with most, of all the people you know?
Some very mysterious people.

Name one thing that could make skateboarding better in your area.
If people were more mysterious and not cool-guys.

Who do you look up to the most, and why-skating, or otherwise?
 Whoever can figure out who The Mystery Man really is... because.

Do you think you will still be skating 20 years from now?
The future is nothing but a mystery.

What is the most common place you go to eat before/during/after a day of skating?
All I eat is sushi, Starbucks, and Oreo pudding.
What is the last trick you learned, and how many tries did it take to learn it?
Mystery flip. First try.
What are you going to do, now that you are done with this questionnaire?
Be mysterious.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May is Hot at Kona Skatepark

Powell is coming to Kona on Wednesday, May 27th as one of the team's 3 stops in Florida. Confirmed riders inclulde Ben Hatchel, Jordan Hoffart and Josh Hawkins. This is a big deal, especially if like me, you want to see someone with the word 'fart' in their name rip up a skatepark.

In addition to that, Jeff King and the Built to Shred team are coming on May 22nd.
"Get out your old skate gear and power tools because the first ever SHRED SLED SNAKE RUN RACE takes place Friday May 22nd at 6pm" You can get more info on Built to Shred on Fuel TV here.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Grind for Life Skatepark Series 2009

For more info, visit the official site here.

1st Contest “Street”--- February 28 Jupiter Skatepark (561) 630-5684

1501 W. Frederick Small Rd Jupiter, FL 33458

Start registration at 10:00 am. Contest starts at 11:00 am.

2nd Contest “Bowl” --- April 25 THE GHETTO SKATE FACILITY (352) 807-0902

37216 Chancey Rd. Zephyrhills, FL 33541

Start registration at 10:00 am. Contest starts at 11:00 am.

3rd Contest “Flow Bowl” --- May 23 New Smyrna.

Start registration at 10:00 am. Contest starts at 11:00 am.

Overall Awards -- November 14 Cocoa Beach Skatepark. Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

Awards ceremony for the whole series will be held on November 14, 2009 at the 7th Annual Grind For Life Benefit Event from 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm. This event will feature PRO DEMOS, Live Music, mega RAFFLES, food & drinks, and a Silent Auction with great items & a whole lot more!
For more info, call (561) 252-3839 or visit our website at

Monday, May 4, 2009

10 Questions: Captain J

What is your full name?
Justin "Captain" Lewis

Where are you from originally?
The ether world. Long story.

Where is the last place you rode your skateboard?

Some dumb spot Savage Mike said would be fun. So downtown.

Describe your first memory of skateboarding where you currently live.
I used to watch my pal Chad ride off some makeshift launch ramp at his house.

Who do you skate with most, of all the people you know?
Board City crew on Sundays at OP Park. I don't know, a whole bunch of folks.

Name one thing that could make skateboarding better in your area.
Sexy bitches.

Who do you look up to the most, and why? Skating, or otherwise?
Ummm. Isak, because that dude is old as fuck and still skates. He's been through some shit and still remains the happiest dude I've ever met.

Do you think you will still be skateboarding 20 years from now?
I'll probably be dead in 10 years from now realistically.

What is the most common place you go to eat before/during/after a day of skateboarding?
On Sundays (the only day i really skate nowadays) we will skate OP Park then hit up Bojangles. I eat at Sonny's almost every other day when I got the dough for it. Mcgriddles before a sesh is pretty awesome too. Oh and Cheesburger dogs from the Gate store. (sorry, I get really excited about food and stuff.)

What is the last trick you learned, and how many tries did it take to learn it?
I tricked this kid into giving me money and it took 4 tries.

What are you going to do, now that you are done with this questionnaire?
Take a piss in an empty milk jug because the toilet don't flush at the shop right now. Oh and Divorce Court is on.