Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Featured Photographers

This is a listing of all the photographers featured on the site so far.

Julio Gonzales
Julio is a photgrapher and skateboarder from Jacksonville.

Eric Staniford
Eric is a photographer from Jacksonville

Friday, August 26, 2005


Here is a collection of the interviews featured on BusStop so far. It's a constant work in progress, so as they run they will be added to this list.

America That Way: Eric Staniford
Eric is a photographer and skateboarder from Jacksonville FL.

Kevin Graver: Interview with a Scapegoat
Kevin Graver is a skateboarder in Jacksonville, FL. This interview reflects on questionable law enforcement practices and questionable news reporting, along with detailing plans on how Kevin intends to help build a better skateboarding community in Jacksonville.

Kevin Graver, Kickflip to Fakie. Photo: Moricophoto


10 Questions interviews:

Erin is a skateboarder in Jacksonville, FL

Brooke Crawford
Brooke is a skateboarder in Snellville, Georgia

Craig Lockwood
Craig is a skateboarder in Jacksonville, Florida

Captain J
Cap'n J is a Skateboarder in Orange Park, FL

Mystery Man
I don't know who the hell this guy is.

Max Martin

Max is a skateboarder in Jacksonville, Florida

Dorien Wrenn
Dorien is a skateboarder in Atlanta, Georgia.

Brian is a Skateboarder in Jacksonville, FL. He is also a Sales Rep for World Industries, and Co-Founder of Ethics Wheel Company.

no comply - down town

Jesse is a skateboarder in Jacksonville, FL


Lydon is a Skateboarder in Jacksonville, FL

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Skate Park Guide

This guide is a work in progress, and more parks will be added as I get around to it, or you people get cracking on sending in your own to me. Hope this is helpful to some of you folks looking for skateparks in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas.

In Jacksonville:

Ed Austin Park off Monument Road in Arlington
My writeup can be found here. Also Part of the Go Skate Day coverage.

Jayson Colon @ Ed Austin Skatepark

Racetrack Road Skatepark (do we have an official name for this? It isn't even on the map!)
My Writeup can be found here.

Racetrack Road Park - Isak Spoor, frontside rock on the mini with very little flatbottom

Atlantic Beach - Rotary Club Skatepark
Writeup can be found here. Transition-only park. Well... there is that 9 foot tall handrail. So, Almost all transition/bowls. Also part of the go skate day writeup.

Emerson Skatepark, AKA Cuba Hunter Park
A Small Writeup and Photos of the park while empty can be found here.

Outside Jacksonville

Orange Park Public Skatepark in Orange Park, FL.
This is a totally free Park Located on Fromhart Street in Orange Park, FL. For a full writeup including photos of the Park, check here.


Skater Vader park and shop in Middleburg, FL.
Small writeup and a photo found here. This park has been closed, according to some emails.

Wadsworth Park, Flagler Beach, FL (Palm Coast)
Tour Article can be found here. Park Writeup Can be found here.

2009-03-20 at 13-18-07 (1)
Matt Fink, Over the Hip

Hamilton Upchurch Park, St. Augustine FL
(Surf Station, Anastasia) 

Small writeup and map can be found here.

Treaty Park / Robert-Laryn Skatepark -
St. Augustine FL

Writeup can be found here.

Orlando Skatepark
Orlando, FL

Writeup can be found here.