Friday, February 13, 2009

Contest at OP Park

I don't have a flyer for it yet, but here is some info about the upcoming contest at the OP Park that I got in my email:

Feb 21st, 2008 Best Run Contest
Part three of Our Winter Contests
will be two, one minute runs on the
entire park. Entrance Fee $10.
O.P. Park, Crown, BC, Busstopmag,
Friends of OP will be helping out with
the contest. Nana’s Ice Cream.
Skate Place with chips, drinks and
candy and Jose Velez with the Shaved
Ice Stand. Bring a few bucks for the
food. Flyer with more details out

I hope to be running the hotdog stand again. This time around, it might just be George Foreman powered. Who knows!? I wanna go ahead and thank Lois again for helping us out last time with that.

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