Monday, February 16, 2009

Skateboarding is a Crime at the Milton, FL Skatepark

I just saw this on Skatedaily- which is pretty much the national internet news of skateboarding. I can't believe what I'm seeing here! Basically a kid gets criminal trespass for dropping in on a ramp AT A SKATEPARK during normal hours. If you are heading to Milton,  maybe you should contact a city official to find out the secret rules of the skatepark before you go skate there and get arrested. 


  1. that's ridiculous, it's like why build it then. it's funny the man sits there just waiting for someone to do something wrong. power tripping.

  2. UPDATE: PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU LEAVE A COMMENT. So apparently, the guy dropping in was told not to do it by the park security guard, but he did it anyway. The video was edited to make it appear like an unsuspecting skater was being harassed without provocation. While it is still incredibly lame to dictate which way someone can skate on a functioning part of a skatepark, and that issue should be addressed, it is beyond lame to make yourself look like a martyr and have a community rally behind you under false pretense. Way to go D-bag.