Friday, February 27, 2009

Skatelab + Wal-Mart = ?

Get ready, this one is a doozy. According to an article in Boardistan and on Skatelab's own website, there is a new skate brand headed to your local Wal-Mart. As posted on the site:
Be sure to check out your local Walmart and buy some of the new SKATELAB GEAR. Shirts and hats only $7.50! More cool stuff coming soon!!"

I wonder what other cool stuff is on the way? I know that with the current economy, a good number of local skate shops have felt the pinch. Is this Skatelab's way of staying afloat? With this news, I do want to point out that before you start shouting the "S" word, keep this in mind: Skatelab in Atlantic Beach is still providing loads of kids at the beach with a place to skate after school, and they even have a van that drives around picking kids up. That's called building community. I hate Wal-Mart just as much as everyone else, for sure, but in the back of my head, I'm thinking this might just be good for the park in the long run. I didn't exactly feel the same way about that Mike McGill business.

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  1. This had nothing to do with FLA SLAB. This was all Todd Huber's (SLAB CA) idea. This isn't helping Brian and Kelly. This is killing their business.