Monday, April 6, 2009

ANTE UP Game of SKATE in Riverside Results, plus video footage

This is how you organize a community game of skate: You just do it. No stress, no bullshit, just a congregation of homies coming together in Riverside. The event was a huge success by my standards, considering almost all the advertising for this event was by word of mouth. By the time I got to Memorial Park (I was about 10 minutes late), there were tons of people skating around near the river.

AnteUpSKATE2009  004
Doing Work

I had planned on helping out with the brackets, but couldn't get the software to work. No worries, the numbers ended up being even, and Kevin and Chris Jolly ended up doing everything by hand. The brackets were single elimination, and names were randomly picked from a bag to set up the matches. Since there were so many people, the first round was set to three letters: S-K-8. Well-two letters and a number. The first matchup was between Ralph Starkel and John Macintosh, which set the pace for the event. I was actually expecting some off the wall craziness from Macintosh, but I don't think those tricks came out till later in the day.

AnteUpSKATE2009  032
Julio has a sweet bike.

After about the second match, the cops came around and told everyone to leave. They were nice about it and everyone took off to the abandoned basketball courts at Riverside Park. I'm assuming the cops had to be nice, since there were at least 60 people there skating. I don't think they felt like writing 60 tickets. Either way, I'm glad they didn't.

AnteUpSKATE2009  059
Celebrity Guest Appearances

AnteUpSKATE2009  058
Surprisingly, I've never seen Nate make that face before.

AnteUpSKATE2009  065
Girls love guys who are Jolly

Once everyone got to the second destination, the game of skate resumed, and there were some great matches that went down. The vibe was chill throughout the event, and there were hardly any issues at all, save the do-over for the second place match (I think?) due to some descrepancies over technique. I didn't get exactly what that was about, but either way, Joey Corey came out the winner, without a doubt.

Here is what went down at the end of the day-more videos are coming tonight.

Pat Vs Joey

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