Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I got word of mouth yesterday that Kona was going to be putting on a halftime show for the next Jaguars game. I was kinda floored by it. I was thinking something like Huck Jam with Cheerleaders and fireworks. That news, along with Jereme Rogers on SkateTalk made for one wacky Tuesday. But when I actually looked into it, I found it was something a little more interesting, a little less off-the-wall. Kona is not actually DOING the halftime show, but putting on a demo as an alternative to the halftime show. From Kona's website:
If you are going to the Jags Vs. Colts game, be sure to come out during halftime and check out the Kona Mini Ramp Demo! Take a break from the old flippy, dancy half time stuff and come see some of the best skaters in Jacksonville ripping it up outside the stadium. You can pick up a limited Kona Demo shirt, watch some awesome skating, and then go back and enjoy the rest of the game!
Sounds good to me. It's hard to get me to watch football, but this kind of makes me want to attend the game. Here's what the ramp they are skating is going to look like:

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