Monday, November 18, 2019

Skate Park Guide - OP Park, Updated

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View from Street via Google Maps

The Orange Park Skatepark, more commonly referred to as OP Park. Yeah, like Orange Park Park. I'm pretty sure it's the only skatepark open to the public within Clay County. This place has been through a lot of changes over the years, with the last two iterations of the place being the best. Most recently, this place was totally rebuilt and the fantastic wood ramps put together by Tim Johnson and friends were replaced by a more permanent concrete creation.

A very positive note about the park - recently The Block Skate Shop moved in, taking all retail operations over at the park. We are all still mourning the loss of Board City, like a million years ago, sure, but this place fills that void pretty well. It's compact, but has everything you need to skate should you need it, plus more. No Boy Scouts equipment, though. I guess that skate-shop-and-scouting-goods shop void is still yet to be filled in OP.

So here are some photos of the place. Not shown in detail: The shop, the playground, and the waterslide corner on the North-Eastern side of the park. Right across the street from Orange Park Athletic Association, next door to Clothes Closet.

That's a Marble Curb Extension

View from the Top of the Waterslide Thing

I dunno if it's functional, but it gets pretty hot here in the summer. 

Pretty nice work they did, shaping this bowled corner. 

Pretty Nice Pool Hip, too. 

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