Thursday, June 5, 2008

Go Skate Day: Bangers for Bucks - A Jacksonville Skate Tour

We have some new updates on Go Skateboarding Day. Martin from Kona just let me in on what he has been working on. It's big, so get ready.

Go Skate Day, Saturday June 21st

Bangers for Bucks - A Jacksonville Skate Tour
$500 to be given away $20 at a time for bangers at each skatepark.


11 a.m. Oceanside Rotary Skatepark in Atlantic Beach - Bangers over the Door
1 p.m. Skatelab - Bangers in the Vert meets Street area (VMS)
3 p.m. Huffman Park, off Beach Blvd right behind FCCJ south campus - Bangers on the Red Bull Manny Mania pad
5 p.m. Kona - Bangers on the barrier in the Freestyle Area

Kona will be open for FREE after 5 p.m.
Free cookout for anyone participating in the Jax tour.
In addition to the skating, Red Bull will be on location with Free Red Bull drinks at each park.

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