Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Go Skate Day Part 4: Kona, and the Kona Cookout


So we waited out the rain at Ed Austin Skatepark, had a good time and did a good job of avoiding the piles of 'fertilizer' surrounding the edges of the newly-laid sod at this new park. Up next was Kona. At this point, Jordon and I split ways due to some scheduling conflicts (and general spaceyness of my own), and each of us made our way to Kona seperately.


When I got to Kona, I was surprised to find a nice cushy 'Media Area' set up (not my words) with two cushy red couches, a nice red carpet, and a red bull slushy machine right behind it, all located just a few feet from the freestyle area's Jersey Barrier in which the contest was taking place on. Nice. I'm sure a good deal of the people skating were worn out at this point, but that didn't really stop people from pulling out their proverbial 'bangers', if you know what I mean. (No, I don't mean THAT, use some context clues.)

Evan Mirschel

As promised, skating at Kona was totally free, and I think everyone was stoked about that, especially after driving their mom's SUVs around town to get to these events. Once the contest got underway, there were both new and familiar faces from the previous stops. Once again the Pineiro brothers were there, going full force, and The Darkness was doing things I didn't even think were possible on the barrier, including a big frontside stale and a frontside smith, all while wearing a day-glo green helmet. I saw Evan Mirschel do a nice ollie up to crooked grind on the barrier, and generally everone skating on the obstacle was ripping. (Again, I didn't catch everyone's names, so just drop a comment if you want to help me give credit to the tricks.)


After the contest was done, there were plenty of people on hand to take part in the free food and free skating. Since I was told that the OP skatepark events were rained out, I decided to pick up the kids and head back to Kona to spend the rest of the day skating and enjoying the company I had there. We all had a really good time, and I want to take the time to thank Jordon Fink for driving me around and buying me some food from Wendy's. I hope those 2 dollars covered the cost of gas! Also, I want to think Martin Ramos from Kona (again), along with all of his crew for making this happen, along with Ryan King from Red Bull fame for promoting and supporting this event. Thanks for making all of this a community effort that everyone could enjoy.

This is my Red Bull face


The Darkness, again

Coming Up: OP Park Contest Results and Photos

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