Friday, April 24, 2009 Presents: 4 for 40 - A video contest

I've been kicking around this idea for a while now, but haven't been able to put anything together till now. Basically, here is how the contest works, step by step:

1. On a piece of paper or a notecard, write the date, along with the text "".

2. Film yourself doing 4 tricks. Each trick has to be at a different spot, and only one trick can be at a skatepark. (if you are under 12, you are exempt from the skatepark rule) Before each trick, you will need to show your notecard or paper with the the site name and date.

3. Upload your video to an online hosting service that is viewable and sharable on the web. You can use sites like,,, or something similar. Just note that I have to be able to embed the video on the site. When you are done, email me the link at with the subject 4 for 40 submission.

4. I'll review the video. 4 Videos will be featured at a time, and I'll post them up all at once. Videos will be judged by me, with heavy consideration given to comments made in the comments section. This means you should get all your friends to post up and say what they think of the videos shown. Remember, do this in the comments section, and not in the chat box.

5. The deadline to submit your videos is one week from now, or April 27th. As mentioned before, 4 selected videos will be posted up for reader review for a period of one week, and judged at the end of the week. If your video wins, you get 40 bucks.

6. If your video didn't get selected the first time, be patient! The contest starts again in 2 weeks, and will run up to 4 times. I will only be posting up 4 videos at a time, so you might have to wait. First come, first served.

For more detailed rules, see the rulesheet here. Please read this before entering the contest. Be sure I know your first and last name and your age.


  1. dope stuff man. i think ima have to film myself for this but ima try to get somethin goin.

  2. Filming yourself is fine. All I really care about is if I can tell what you are doing.

  3. what if more than one trick is at a park, but it ain't bullshit? like theyre seriously rad tricks-or just not street style stuff. im down to try and get in on this but my ankle's not street ready unless it's flatground- and tech isn't my forte'..