Monday, June 29, 2009

10 Questions: Jesse Mays

What is your full name?
Jesse Turner Mays

Where are you from originally?
The big OK

Where is the last place you rode your skateboard?
In my room. Twerkin them switch heels

Describe your first memory of skateboarding where you currently live.
It was a beautiful day in Florida and I saw an old skateboard in my front yard. I stood on it and thought "this shits tight"

Who do you skate with most, of all the people you know?
Cameron Palmer, Brad Meister, Christian Allen, and Max Martin when I go to jax

Name one thing that could make skateboarding better in your area.
A better skatepark. We've got a gay-ass oval for a park.

Who do you look up to the most, and why-skating, or otherwise?
My dad, he works hard for dem stacks. Been with the same company for 30 years.

Do you think you will still be skateboarding 20 years from now?
I film more than I do skate, so I shouldn't be tore up too bad by then, so maybe.

What is the most common place you go to eat before/during/after a day of skateboarding?
Taco bell/Taco bell/Taco bell. The shits so good. I work there anyways.

What is the last trick you learned, and how many tries did it take to learn it?
Double frontside flip-like 3 or 4 tries

What are you going to do, now that you are done with this questionnaire?
Lurk the space, maybe eat, lurk some more, eat, and sleep.

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