Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let's Clear the Air about Kevin Graver

Many of you have sent me your concerns over News4Jax's portrayal of Kevin. I've listened, read, and talked to people about it. I've watched the news story, and I've read the website's account of what has happened. I've also talked to Kevin, which is something most of these people have NOT done. First of all, I want to make my opinion perfectly clear. Kevin has done more to promote skateboarding here in town than most people posting on these message boards have done for anything at all. That's my opinion.

Did Kevin get charged for skating these ledges and doing damage? No. So why is this story linking him to the crime, citing 5,000 dollars in damage that will need to be repaired? Beats the hell out of me! Maybe they wanted to make him a target, give veterans a person to really focus their hate on. Well, if that was the goal, it sure did work, judging by the comments posted on the forums and on the site. News4Jax, how would you like it if we started our own lynch mob for the guy who wrote the story? Oh, wait. He didn't leave his name. That's a little odd, don't you think? Well guess what-
He rapes puppies and has an arrest record for beating up old ladies in a nursing home. Can you believe it?