Monday, June 22, 2009

Kona Fantasy Cup 2009

In all honesty, nothing really could prepare me for what went down this weekend. Although I was well aware of the teams that were scheduled to show up, I was pleasantly surprised to see the number of riders that showed up, including the 5boro team. Not only were many of the best local rippers on location, there were also dudes from all over the East Coast.

The premise behind the Fantasy Cup is simple - Each team of 5 guys throws down on 3 different obstacles: The step up gap, AKA the Super Booter, the bank to wall, and the 4 block, which consists of 4 large steps with hubba ledges on each side. Similar to Bangers for Bucks, each noteworthy trick was rewarded with a yellow slip of paper with a dollar amount on it, to be cashed in later. Whoever had the most money at the end of the 3 events went on to the finals, which was another round on the 4 block and Hubba ledges.

In the end, it was team Element who came in first, earning a handful of cash, a ton of Asahi beer, and probably some good times at the club later on - they were payed out in 1 dollar bills.

On the presentation side, Martin Ramos was joined by the infamous Clyde Singleton to announce the event, and Hooters girls were on location to pass out free beer. Both Matt Fink and Sparky gave their own mustache demos, to everyone's enjoyment. It was a great time, and I was glad to say that Kona has really brought it back to Jacksonville with this pro-level event. There hasn't been a street contest like this in Jacksonville in a long time, and I'm glad to say that in these troubled times, I think skateboarding is going to do okay.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support this event, and most importantly Martin Ramos, Ryan King from Red Bull, and Clyde Singleton. Clyde, you made my face hurt from laughing so much. It was good to see so many of my skateboarding homies in one place.

Here are just a few photos I took on Saturday night.

Clyde Singleton on the mic.

Timmy Knuth brought his own style of tre flips, where he catches them with his front foot way in front of him...

...sometimes they are re imagined in a slightly different way.

Richard Whipkey was doing sick spit like this tailslide to fakie all weekend.

Justin's seal of approval. I dunno what he was approving though. Maybe the fact that I'm going to make t-shirts out of this picture.

Matt Fink

Dalton Dern promoting international unity by way of a Japan over a Euro in Florida.

Ian Rosenburg - Front blunt on the hubba.

CJ Dixon, Gap to fronstide lipslide up the step-up gap.

George Evans, frontside flip.

Another unknown ripper

Jake Sykes had to work all weekend. Glad he could find some time to skate.

Fireworks rang in Go Skateboarding Day just after midnight. Amazing.

George Evans, kickflip noseslide down the hubba. Every try on Saturday night.

Chris Blake. The 5Boro guys skated like they ran the place.

Martin Ramos, Clyde Singleton

Ryan King, Rachel Bess

I need someone to caption this for me.

People getting paid.

I don't see a single frowny face in this picture, that makes me happy.

Sparky, AKA 'Fox'. (I dunno, don't watch that show, either.)

A whole mess o' people

One of these guys drank 13 Red Bulls. Guess who?

Some familiar faces

Black Nate

White Nate, White Nate's White Girlfriend

Element Skateboards, first place.

Team Kona, Graffiti Skate Zone came together like Voltron. None of them can enjoy the beer prize.

I wish Aaron Mullin skated in this thing.


5boro, some money, and-hey, it's Clyde drinking.

Kyle has a mohawk. So does his friend.

More later. Thanks again to everyone who came out to Kona's Fantasy Cup.


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