Monday, June 8, 2009

4 for 40: Final Round

So We've come to the last leg of the 4 for 40 contest. It's taken longer than I'd hoped to build steam, but here we are. The last round has every bit of character it needs. So here goes. You'd better hurry up and vote!

Nate Cary, AKA White Nate:

Trevor Stevens:

(you can see the version with dates here)

Lance Katz:

Faruk: 4 for Candy

(I got this in my email with the label "4 for Candy". I think he deserves some candy for this submission. Unless he means some booger sugar, which I can't provide. Sorry)

Leave your vote now. I'm posting these early because the cap has been filled, so you have until next Friday to vote in the comments section on which video is your favorite. Remember, don't use the chatbox for voting!