Thursday, June 4, 2009

Go Skate Day 2009

Just got off the phone with Ryan King from Red Bull, and I have a pretty substantial announcement for go skate day -

Bangers for Bucks is back for the second year for Go Skateboarding Day. For those of you that missed out last year, this is really fun and simple concept.

The Breakdown: 3 skateparks (Atlantic Beach, Ed Austin, and Kona), a jam will go down on one obstacle at each park until the 5 $20 bills are gone. Then we all caravan to the next spot. At the end of the day we will have a free cookout at Kona. To end the day in we will throw down for the Busstop Mag 1 yr. anniversary party! More details to follow.


2pm Atlantic Beach: Jam over the door

4pm: Monument: Jam on the brick quarter and Jersey barrier

6pm: Kona: Jam on big 4

More info coming soon.

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