Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Go Skateboarding Day 2009: Bangers, Bucks, Kona Contest, Red Bull, and a Birthday Party.

I hope you have some weekend time off saved up, because Go Skateboarding Day in Jacksonville is going to be one hell of a bender, thanks to Red Bull, Kona, FTK Mag, Shantytown, and BusStop. So much skateboarding, you'll be stuck in bed for a week! Here is the what and the when of what is going down, starting Saturday, June 20th:

June 20th - Saturday Night, Starting at midnight:

Kona Skatepark kicks off Go Skateboarding day on the eve of destruction with the Kona Fantasy Cup. You can read more about it here, but in summary, this is a 5-man team event with each team going for the best tricks on each of 3 obstacles: Bank to Wall, Micro-Mega ramp, and a big 4 with rails and ledges. Remember that this is an event with pro skateboarders and is INVITE ONLY. You can still come in and skate for 5 bucks. If you aren't skating, it's 10. Also, there is FREE BEER, so if you want to know where your value is, there ya go.

June 21st, Go Skateboarding Day:

Bangers for Bucks is back for the second year, hosted by Red Bull Skateboarding and BusStop Mag. For those of you that missed out last year, (coverage here, here and here) this is a really fun and simple concept.

The Breakdown: 3 Skateparks - Atlantic Beach, Monument, and Kona. A Jam will go down on one obstacle until we get it done. After each event, we caravan to the next spot. At the end of the day, there will be a free cookout at Kona. Yep, FREE COOKOUT AT KONA. Free food from Kona at the last stop. You can thank Ryan King and Martin Ramos when you get there!

The Schedule for the day looks like this:
  • 2pm - Atlantic Beach (Rotary Club Park) Jam over the Door. (Park Info here)
  • 4pm - Monument (Ed Austin Skatepark) Jam on the Brick Quarter and Jersey Barrier (Park Info here)
  • 6pm - Kona Skatepark - Jam on the Big 4. (Kona's Website)
After the skateboarding has wrecked your body and stoked your eyeballs out of your skull, the free Kona Cookout will go down.

Bonus Content:

Ian Ranne, AKA Triclops spinning beats at EVERY stop. Can't mess with that.
Product toss made possible by Kayo corp.
Red Bull is helping to make all this possible. Having said that, expect lots of Red Bull to be given away, and expect to grow some wings like you were Kid Icarus.

Lastly, but most important: (jk)

The 1 Year Anniversary Party @ Shantytown Pub.

You can get here at the usual time, probably around 9 or so.
Just walk right in and have a good time. Details on drink specials and party events are coming soon. I want to thank Ian Ranne, AKA my Twin Brother from a different mother for helping out with this, and Ryan King and Martin Ramos for putting this all together.

Be there, and help make things happen!


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