Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why Lie, I Need a Beer

Sad to say, many of us see alcohol as a key motivational tool when it comes to skateboarding. I guess it comes naturally with age. Well, here's to liquid courage. This is where you can find it this weekend:

- In a cooler in your trunk: Alcohol is not allowed at this weekend's Banger's For Bucks contest locations at public skateparks. BYOB at your own risk.

- At Kona: Tonight's Fantasy Cup has a selling point that consists of both skateboarding and FREE Asahi beer, courtesy of Asahi and Kona. I'm sure there is a finite amount for consumption, so beat the beer bellied fatties to it and get there early. Free beer is included with your ticket to entry.

- At Shantytown: After the Go Skate Day shenanigans, head down to Shantytown in Springfield for the BusStop 1 year Birthday Party. The Party is part of the Infintesemal Records BBQ. Get there at 10 for more FREE BEER in addition to Red Bull cola, courtesy of BusStop and Red Bull.

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